Is Sima Taparia Married? Who is Her Husband? Does She Have Kids?

Apart from creating such a huge buzz, Netflix’s matchmaking docuseries ‘Indian Matchmaking’ made its matchmaker, Sima Taparia, a worldwide name. The show features the Mumbai matchmaker or Marriage Consultant helping her single clients, based in India and abroad, to find and arrange the best partner for their perfect Indian wedding. Sima takes into consideration relevant information from both sides of the client and their families, the likes and dislikes of the probable bride and groom, as well as a deep understanding of their sources of income and lifestyle.

Sima has been working as a marriage consultant living in Mumbai, India, for many years and is quite popular among her clients. What started as a passion arising from her interest in talking to all kinds of people and knowing everything about them, Sima soon got to reach a large number of people. She loves to socialize with people and is a total extrovert. Because of her unique skills and ability to remember the names of every relative and recall their personalities, Sima grew exponentially as an alliance consultant.

From being a matchmaker for Gujarati and Marwari communities, Sima later attained clients from the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Hongkong, Nigeria, etc. Before appearing in ‘Indian Matchmaking,’ Sima and her family were also a part of the 2017 Netflix documentary ‘A Suitable Girl,’ which won an award at the Tribeca Film Festival, New York. Sima is also the founder and member of several women’s organizations, especially among Marwari women like Deepsakhi, Ruchika club, etc. Having achieved so much in her life and now also leading season 2 of ‘Indian Matchmaking,’ many of her fans are eager to know more about her and her family. If you’re one of them, we’ve got you covered!

Sima Taparia’s Family

Sima Taparia AKA “Sima Aunty” was born into the wealthy and illustrious family of Late Shri Ramesh Chandra Lahoti of Gulbarga (now Kalaburagi) in Karnataka, India. She is the oldest child among all of her siblings, and they are all extremely close. Sima learned to cook from her mother, whom she refers to as “Bai,” and she frequently thinks back on those times whenever they visit each other. She seems to have close ties with her extended family, particularly her cousins, who live in different parts of India and abroad. Sima and her family are very religious and frequently go to temples and other places of worship.

Sima Taparia’s Husband

Sima Taparia is married to Anup Taparia through an arranged marriage. Anup Taparia is a successful businessman and is the owner of a magnet manufacturing unit called Permanent Magnets Ltd. The couple got engaged in December 1982, when she was merely 19-years-old and Anup was yet to complete his final year of graduation. Their families had arranged for their marriage through a common family acquaintance and the couple met each other only once before agreeing to the union. They began to have proper conversations through telephone and letters only after their engagement.

Sima shared their marriage story in a long caption on Instagram, describing their struggles to talk to each other and meet before getting married on May 24, 1983. She said, “In those days, you’d have to dial 180 to book a call out of the station. The operator would connect the line after few hours only. We’d often stay around our telephones sneaking from our family’s forever teasing eyes, waiting for the call. However, in January 1983, our romance on telephonic calls was cut short owing to the huge fire in Malabar Telephone Exchange.”

She further talked about exchanging letters, adding, “Anup and I used to exchange letters via post to make up for our calls. It used to take about 3 days for a letter to reach Gulbarga from Bombay and vice versa. And if our families would receive the letters instead of us, their teasing would never stop. Anup would often have to treat his siblings if they found my letters instead of him. But we never stopped writing.” The couple finally got together in Pune while Sima was in her aunt’s house and Anup made excuses to go for a college picnic. They have been married for 39 years and live blissfully in Mumbai.

Sima Taparia’s Children

Sima and Anup Taparia share two daughters – Ritu Taparia Bagree and Mridu Taparia. The elder daughter Ritu is married to Aditya Bagree, and they live together with their little daughter, Anaishaa Bagree. Ritu, along with her parents, also appeared in the Netflix documentary ‘A Suitable Girl,’ where her parents tried to find her a suitable boy to get her married. It chronicles the 4-year-journey of three single women in India balancing their personal choices and societal pressure to get married; Ritu Taparia was one of those single women.

In the documentary, Ritu was evidently inconvenienced by the pressure she felt from her parents and extended family to get married at the age of 25. Being a career-oriented woman, she did not think marriage was necessary, especially that soon. It documented her story well and also showcased her journey through her struggles to ultimately get married to her now-husband, Aditya. As of writing, Ritu and Aditya both work in the finance industry, which interestingly was the primary reason for the former to choose the latter as her life partner in the first place.

A Suitable Girl

As far as Sima’s youngest daughter Mridu is concerned, she doesn’t seem to have a presence on social media, indicating her preference to keep her private life under wraps. Thus, Sima Taparia is happily married to her husband and running a successful matchmaking business, while her two daughters are also doing well in their own fields.

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