Is Single’s Inferno Scripted or Real?

Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno’ is a dating series that revolves around a group of flirty singles as they search for true love on a searing yet stunning island. They are actually stranded, which means that their only escape is date nights in “Paradise,” that is, if and when they find a connection and couple up. This show has everything from cozy moments to dramatic confessions to romantic intimacy, making it nothing short of pure entertainment. With that, though, the simple question of exactly how much of it is authentic, if at all, comes to light, so here’s what we know about it.

Is Single’s Inferno Fake or Real?

‘Single’s Inferno’ is the first variety show resulting from a collaboration between streaming giant Netflix and South Korean cable network JTBC, and they’ve both billed it as a reality production. Thus, it seems like neither the contestants nor the commentators recite any pre-written lines for the cameras, and no emotions shown by them are faked or directed either. Yes, considering the amount of time, money, and other resources utilized to develop such a series, there are prompts and editing manipulations, but that’s only for a bit of compelling dramatic flair, nothing else.

A prime example of that is the sit-down confessionals of the singles, where they open up about their feelings or particular events that transpired. Like in most such shows, it is highly probable that a lot of these comments are merely answers to specific questions that producers ask from behind the cameras to ensure that they capture every possible sentiment. Another example of manipulation but not manufacturing is the different areas, games, and concepts set up by them to spark one-on-one interactions and keep things flowing, which is honestly essential in any series.

As for the commentators, who watch the show and give their inputs while analyzing the singles’ behavior, even their parts aren’t fake. We’re sure about that because the cameras catch them making notes on their cards every now and again, making it very clear that their job is to merely provide honest feedback. The panelists – Hong Jin-Kyung, Lee Da-Hee, Kyuhyun, and Hanhae – recently spoke about their entire experience in an interview with Zapzee magazine as well, and they essentially confirmed the same. Everything related to the cast is as natural as possible.

“I’m glad to be a part of Single’s Inferno,” Hong Jin-Kyung admitted. “I got sucked into the cast’s frank emotions and real stories.” Even Kyuhyun said, “It was the first time that I became so immersed in the love stories of those I met for the first time,” whereas Hanhae added that ‘Single’s Inferno’ is “the most exciting dating show I’ve ever seen.” In other words, it appears as if despite the clever editing and producer pushes to reiterate certain points, this Netflix original is keeping the streamer’s reputation alive by sticking to its genre and exploring the journey of real people on their search for “the one” on a deserted island.

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