Is Sokka Dead in The Legend of Korra?

We first meet Sokka as a young teenager, who is on the ice with Katara, his sister. They discover a young boy and sky bison frozen in an iceberg. Of course, this is Aang, the Avatar. Unlike most of the major characters, Sokka does not have any bending abilities. However, what he lacks in magic, he makes up in bravery, confidence, and determination.

Sokka is rarely seen without his trusty boomerang, and later masters swordsmanship as well. He is often seen as comic relief but is an expert strategist. We have witnessed Sokka’s love story with Suki, the Kyoshi warrior. He also shares a brief and tragic romance with Yue, of the Northern Water Tribe, before she sacrifices herself to become the Moon Spirit. Sokka and Suki are united but neither shows up in Nickelodeon’sThe Legend of Korra,’ which is set 70 years after ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender.’ So, is Sokka alive?

What Happens to Sokka After Avatar: The Last Airbender?

Sokka’s adventures continue in the comics, after the show. Set in a world that is changing rapidly, we see Sokka helping Toph, who establishes the Beifong Metalbending Academy to train the first generation of metalbenders. Sokka also assists Zuko to find out the truth about his mother.

He takes a central position once he returns to the Southern Water Tribe, along with Katara. The Northern Water tribe poses problems, but Sokka and Katara struggle to deal with their home, which is now a sprawling city. Ultimately, they accept the change. However, why doesn’t Sokka appear in ‘The Legend of Korra’?

Is Sokka Dead in The Legend of Korra?

Although the comics are set soon after the events of the original show, ‘The Legend of Korra’ takes place sometime later. We learn from Katara in the first episode that her brother and many others she knew are now gone. Thus, Sokka is dead and common consensus states that he died of natural causes and due to old age. Most people agree that Sokka must have passed away between the ages of 70 and 85. He is memorialized as a statue outside the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. Since Sokka holds his boomerang up, one understands he never parted with his favorite weapon.

While Sokka’s story is inextricably tied to Korra, after he helped stopped a kidnapping attempt by the Red Lotus, the organization does not seem to have carried out any foul play causing his death. If that were the case, Katara would have mentioned it. He also leaves stories and drawings for Tenzin, Aang and Katara’s son. Sokka’s ability to leave advice fits him perfectly, as the fun but responsible uncle.

Much of Sokka’s later work, and legacy after his passing, has to do with uniting the four nations after the century-long war. He brought together the two water tribes, and the bond only breaks after his passing. Sokka also managed to unite the world through the United Republic and Republic City.

Notably, Sokka might not actively appear in the show, but an episode titled “Out of the Past” has a flashback which gives us some more details about his life. We learn that he served on the United Republic Council, representing the Southern Water Tribe. There’s a bit of old Sokka left in him as he makes a boastful speech about using a boomerang. However, we see how he’s become calmer with age. At one point, he is also referred to as Chief Sokka, which leads one to believe that during his lifetime, he managed to become the chieftain of the Southern Water Tribe. In conclusion, Sokka has led an eventful life but is positively dead by the time ‘The Legend of Korra’ takes off.

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