Is Strawberry Mansion on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO Max?

Directed by Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley, ‘Strawberry Mansion’ unravels in the year 2035, where dreams are no longer personal but are accessible to advertisers who tax them every once in a while. Likewise, government agent James Preble walks into the house of an elderly artist named Arabella Isadora with the purpose of auditing her dreams. While scouring through her subconscious stored in countless VHS tapes, Preble falls in love with her.

Starring Penny Fuller and co-director Kentucker Audley in the lead roles, this genre-bending sci-fi fantasy movie takes us on an exhilarating journey fed by emotion and poignance. If you wish to watch it online, here are all the options you can use!

What Is Strawberry Mansion About?

‘Strawberry Mansion’ opens in the year 2035, and “dream auditor” James Preble, clad in a brown suit and hat, has an important errand to run. In this dystopian future, people are obligated to preserve all their dreams in a memory card while they sleep. After waking up, they need to send the content to a server where taxes are generated. To do the same, auditor James visits an eccentric elderly artist named Arabella.

James wears an intricate headgear and dives into Arabella’s brain space to audit her dreams. While there, the government agent falls in love with the younger version of the aging artist. In the process, James also makes interesting discoveries. To watch the movie online, you can rely on the options we have listed out!

Is Strawberry Mansion on Netflix?

No, the movie is not a part of Netflix’s current offerings. If you’re specifically looking for a surrealistic experience, you can watch the Johnny Depp starrer ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ The movie is based on a popular children’s book by Roald Dahl; you can watch the film here. We also believe you will enjoy watching ‘San Junipero,’ an episode in the third season of the hit anthology series ‘Black Mirror.’

Is Strawberry Mansion on Amazon Prime Video?

No, the movie is not accessible on the streaming platform. Therefore, we recommend you watch ‘Requiem for a Dream,’ a science-fiction movie with similar tropes that could be summed up as a visual journey bordering on fantasy.

Is Strawberry Mansion on Hulu?

Since ‘Strawberry Mansion’ is not available on Hulu, you can opt for ‘Midnight in Paris,’ a fantasy movie about a budding writer who is transported to another era during his trip to Paris.

Is Strawberry Mansion on HBO Max?

HBO Max does not house the movie in its catalog, which means you might have to go through alternatives such as ‘A Trip to The Moon‘ and Tim Burton’s ‘Corpse Bride.’

Where to Watch Strawberry Mansion Online?

‘Strawberry Mansion’ made its theatrical debut across the country on February 18, 2022; to book your tickets, you can visit Fandango. The movie is also available on a few VOD platforms such as Vudu and iTunes. As of now, these are the only options available.

How to Stream Strawberry Mansion for Free?

Due to the limited availability of ‘Strawberry Mansion,’ you might not be able to stream it free of cost. Your only option is to watch it in your nearest theater or purchase it on the aforementioned VOD platforms. However, we do not encourage our readers to go for illegal viewing options online.

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