Is Suspicion on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Or HBO Max?

Created by Chris Long, ‘Suspicion‘ is a thriller drama series centering around a crime scene that fails to produce enough evidence. The matter becomes a scandal overnight because the victim happens to be the son of an accomplished American businesswoman. After he gets abducted, all eyes automatically fall on four seemingly innocent folks who were present at the scene the night of the incident. Likewise, its terrific plot has been derived from the Israeli thriller TV show ‘False Flag’ and features a powerful cast, including actors like Uma Thurman and Kunal Nayyar. So if this show has captured your interest, we’d like to tell you how to watch it online!

What Is Suspicion About?

‘Suspicion’ kicks off as chaos strikes a hotel in New York City. A young businesswoman, Katherine Newman, is harrowed to find her son missing, and security footage further reveals that he has been kidnapped. The video subsequently goes viral, and the suspects in question are a group of masked kidnappers who might have her son. Hence, four random citizens are captured by law enforcement agents, and the mother begins to contemplate whether revealing secrets about her son would help free him. On the other hand, the suspects – three men and two women – suffer a great deal of misery after being caught by the London police. Here are all the streaming options available!

Is Suspicion on Netflix?

As ‘Suspicion’ is not currently a part of Netflix’s expansive video library, we advise you to watch ‘When They See Us,’ a thriller crime drama that recounts the story of the Central Park jogger case from 1989. Five people were accused of attacking a 28-year-old woman, but none of the suspects ever openly confessed. You can watch the series here.

Is Suspicion on Amazon Prime Video?

Viewers will not be able to access ‘Suspicion’ on Amazon Prime Video, although there is a similar show titled ‘Absentia’ that might catch your interest. The story is about an FBI agent who becomes the major suspect in a series of murder cases. Watching the show would require you to visit the platform.

Is Suspicion on Hulu?

No, ‘Suspicion’ is not currently streaming on Hulu, but there are alternatives you can explore, such as ‘Top of the Lake‘ and ‘The Outsider.‘ These shows identify as crime thrillers where the protagonist or a group of characters try to prove their innocence against criminal charges.

Is Suspicion on HBO Max?

Since you will not find ‘Suspicion’ on the streaming platform, you can instead watch ‘The Night Of,’ a thriller drama about a young Pakistani man, Naz, who gets entangled in the murder case of a lady he encounters in the dead of night. Subscribers of the platform can watch it here.

Where to Watch Suspicion Online?

As of now, the only way to watch ‘Suspicion’ is on its official streaming network Apple TV+. Members of the platform can stream it here.

How to Stream Suspicion for Free?

Apple TV+ currently offers seven days of free viewing. So you can stream the show to your heart’s content before the trial period ends. However, we’d advise you to abstain from using illegal means to stream content online.

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