Is Temuera Morrison Married? Who is His Girlfriend? Does He Have Kids?

Image Credit: Justin Lubin/Lucasfilm Ltd.

Temuera Morrison was born on December 26, 1960, to Laurie and Hana Morrison in the town of Rotorua in New Zealand. Growing up in a tight-knit family surrounded by siblings and a musician father, Temuera quickly picked up various performing arts, including Kapa haka. In fact, his Kapa haka skills won him a national award, took him overseas, and even helped him land his first role as Rangi in the 1973 movie ‘Rangi’s Catch.’

From there on, Temura never looked back and after a few minor roles, went on to essay Selwyn Broadhead in ‘Seekers’ in 1986. Additionally, some of his other early roles include Maru in ‘Adventurer,’ Jake Heke in ‘Once Were Warriors,’ Tim in ‘Little White Lies,’ and Juliano in ‘Speed 2: Cruise Control.’ In 2002, Temuera entered the ‘Star Wars’ universe as he landed the role of Jango Fett in ‘Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.’

Since then, Temuera has gone on to essay Jango Fett, his clones, and his son Boba Fett in numerous other ‘Star Wars’ productions, including his appearance as Boba Fett in the TV show ‘The Book of Boba Fett.’ His brilliant performances as the bounty hunters, as well as his roles in other productions like ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Occupation: Rainfall,’ significantly increased his fanbase and their curiosity in his life. With fans now clamoring to know more about Temuera Morrison’s personal life, we decided to bring you answers!

Temuera Morrison’s Past Relationships

In the late 1980s, Temuera was a rising movie star when he met and began dating singer Kim Willoughby of When the Cat’s Away. Although not much is known about their relationship, the couple were pretty close and even welcomed a son while they were together. However, due to reasons unknown, the couple decided to split and go their separate ways.

In 1997 Temuera began dating famous New Zealand actress Angela Dotchin, best known for her performance as Kristy Knight in ‘Shortland Street.’ The two built up a beautiful relationship for several years, and their future together seemed quite promising. However, by 2002, the couple decided it would be best to break up, and Dotchin even moved to England, where she became a personal assistant in the fashion industry. Reports further claim that Temuera even dated Maori Television presenter Peata Melbourne in the mid-2000s, and even though the two share a daughter, they are now broken up.

Temuera Morrison’s Partner

Temuera Morrison is now in a beautiful relationship with his partner of several years, Ashlee Howden-Sadlier. It is unclear how the couple met, and even though Ashlee is 26 years his junior, the two have managed to iron out all issues in their effort to build a relationship based on love and trust. Ashlee is quite multitalented and has worked as a model, entertainer, dancer, and TV presenter.

Moreover, she has been Temuera’s constant pillar of support and keeps encouraging him to reach new heights even in such a mature stage of his career. Although the pair have no children together, their love seems unconditional, and their chemistry is undeniable. Unfortunately, not much is known about their personal lives due to their preference for privacy, but we would like to wish the couple the very best for the years ahead.

Temuera Morrison’s Children

Temuera Morrison’s first child, James Morrison, was born to him and his then-girlfriend Kim Willoughby while the couple was dating back in the late 1980s to early 1990s. Although his exact date of birth remains unknown, reports mention that in 2012, James was 21 years of age and working towards a degree in Business Studies at Auckland University.

Although sources later claimed that James was making a living in London, he prefers privacy and has a limited presence on social media, making present whereabouts unclear. On the other hand, Temuera shares his daughter, Aiorangi, with his ex-partner, Peata Melbourne. Although she seems to be a student at Western Springs College, Aiorangi too prefers living under the radar.

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