Is The Bad Guys on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, or Prime?

Directed by Pierre Perifel, ‘The Bad Guys’ is an animated action-adventure movie set in an alternate universe where humans and anthropomorphic animals live together. The movie is set in a Los Angeles plagued by a gang of notorious criminal animals called the Bad Guys. However, after accidentally doing a good thing for an elderly woman, the group’s leader, Mr. Wolf, feels remorse and decides to reform himself and the whole gang.

The Dreamworks Animation picture is a hilarious reformation journey. Talented names like Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Anthony Ramos, Craig Robinson, and Awkwafina lend their voices to the unique characters. Given the film’s premise, many must be excited to dive right in and watch as the old animals learn new tricks. If you cannot wait to watch the crime comedy movie, we have your back!

What is The Bad Guys About?

Set in the city of Los Angeles, ‘The Bad Guys’ centers upon humans and anthropomorphic animals who live together peacefully. However, a gang of criminal animals, led by Mr. Wolf, is up to no good. The group, called The Bad Guys, decides to steal the Golden Dolphin award from guinea pig philanthropist Professor Rupert Marmalade IV to repay an insult dealt by the Governor. While doing so, Mr. Wolf ends up helping out an elderly woman though he had meant to pickpocket her. The woman’s praise makes the gang leader introspect about his wrongdoings.

The authorities catch and expose The Bad Guys in the middle of the heist, and Mr. Wolf convinces Professor Marmalade to reform the criminals. However, it is all a pretense to try and steal the award again. Things obviously do not go as planned, and the group is torn on what to do next. If you are interested in watching the reformation journey, here’s all you need to know!

Is The Bad Guys on Netflix?

‘The Bad Guys’ is not a part of Netflix’s vast offerings. Fans can, instead, use their subscriptions to watch similar movies like ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2‘ and ‘Over the Moon‘ — both animated films provide an entertaining story involving animals and humans.

Is The Bad Guys on Hulu?

Hulu does not host ‘The Bad Guys’ on its platform. However, you can watch similarly-themed movies like ‘100% Wolf‘ and ‘Rio‘ which revolve around anthropomorphic animals and birds who are determined to achieve their dreams.

Is The Bad Guys on Amazon Prime?

No, ‘The Bad Guys’ is not on Amazon Prime. Instead, you can use your membership to enjoy similar movies available on the platform. To enter the world of another group of animals, or fishes, involved in the crime world, you can opt for ‘Shark Tale.’ Alternatively, you can watch a wooden toy train fulfill his dreams with the help of his human and animal friends in ‘The Busy Little Engine.’

Is The Bad Guys on HBO Max?

Sadly, HBO Max does not have ‘The Bad Guys’ available on the platform. Fans of the genre can watch animated films set in the animal world like ‘The Sissy Duckling‘ and ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit.’

Is The Bad Guys on Disney+?

Disney+ may not have ‘The Bad Guys,’ but its cache of animated movies will surely make up for it. You can watch the events unfolding within the mammal metropolis of ‘Zootopia.’ Or you can follow a rat as he fulfills his dreams of being a chef with the help of his human friend in ‘Ratatouille.’

Where to Watch The Bad Guys Online?

As of writing, ‘The Bad Guys’ is not available on any online platforms. Instead, fans can watch the movie in their nearest theatres; to book your tickets, head here!

How to Stream The Bad Guys for Free?

‘The Bad Guys’ is not available to be viewed on any platform for free. We urge our readers not to use any illegal channels to watch the movie. Animated movies take a lot of effort, and paying legitimate platforms to enjoy the film shows your appreciation towards their work.

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