Is The CW’s Dynasty Based on a True Story?

Besides its original gems, Netflix also picks favorites from television networks. Some of them happen to achieve cult status in the streamer. CW’s family drama ‘Dynasty’ is one such show. Created by Sallie Patrick, Josh Schwartz, and Stephanie Savage, it follows family heiress Fallon Carrington, who is infuriated to find her father Blake marrying her professional rival, Cristal, at the family company. However, her attempt at messing up the marriage goes wrong as Cristal ends up receiving a promotion due to Fallon’s actions.

Soon, Cristal’s motivated nephew, Sam, arrives at the door, embarking on an affair with Fallon’s environmentalist brother, Steven. Sam comes with a bagful of secrets about Cristal’s past. After some revelations, the Carrington siblings suspect Cristal’s hand in her former lover’s death. With more Carringtons returning to the family, the building tension shoots through the roof. While the drama is intense, many fans wonder whether it contains a grain of truth. In that case, let us divulge what we know!

Is Dynasty a True Story?

No, ‘Dynasty’ is not based on a true story. The scope of the story is fictional, and any semblance to realism is purely incidental. In fact, Sallie Patrick, Josh Schwartz, and Stephanie Savage created the series from ABC’s eponymous prime-time soap opera by power couple Richard and Esther Shapiro that ran from 1981 to 1989. Richard and Esther Shapiro pitched the show as an elite family living and sinning in an enormous Denver mansion. Esther Shapiro divulged that Robert Graves’ classic 1934 novel ‘I, Claudius’ inspired her to show an epic fantasy.

In the Shapiro couple’s vision, the show would be a fun representation of the quintessential American dream. They wanted to depict a family wrapped in squabbles and scandals, but they stand by each other at the end of the day. Work began under the working title ‘Oil.’ Therefore, the oil empire of Denver acted as an obvious inspiration. At the same time, the creators took inspiration from Ronald Raegan and Nancy Raegan, who very much projected the idea of a family empire in the collective imagination.

While making the reboot series, the writers went to Richard and Esther Shapiro for inspiration. Josh Schwartz, a co-creator of the show, reminded us that we live in the proximity of familial dynasties in our day and age. From Trumps to Clintons to Kardashians, media often showcases these family dynasties. They updated the series according to the changing time but kept the essence of the original. Going ahead of its time, the 1981 show deals with themes like the experiences of women in the workplace and the unfair treatment of the people in the LGBTQ+ community.

The reboot amplified the concerns. The creators wanted to present Alexis in the first season. However, that could not happen due to uncertainty regarding which actor would take up the role. Nicollette Sheridan finally came on board to portray the much-anticipated character. The reboot series also updates the location from Denver to Atlanta since Atlanta presented diverse demography for the creators. Considering all the aspects, neither the shows are based on reality, but they mirror the prevalence of dynasties in the real world.

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