Is The Hills: New Beginnings Fake or Real?

When ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ first premiered in 2019, the loyal fans of the original MTV series called ‘The Hills’ were very excited about the reboot. The reality series follows the lives of the original cast members, who have come together on screen after many years. The cast members are seen returning alongside new faces, as they now have kids and new friends. The LA-based series gives the fans a glimpse of how life has changed for the youngsters they once knew on ‘The Hills.’

The original series ran from 2006 to 2010 but attracted a lot of heat for the allegedly scripted storylines. Over the years, several cast members confirmed that they were made to fabricate a few things for the camera. After already facing the disappointment, the viewers are curious to know if the reboot is any different. We got to the bottom of it, and here is everything we know!

Is The Hills: New Beginnings Scripted?

It is hard to get over the disappointment with ‘The Hills’ after the cast members confessed how heavily scripted the show was. In contrast, you may be relieved to learn that ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ is indeed a fresh start for the franchise as they have decided to keep things as organic as possible. Mischa Barton joined the show for the first season. According to ‘The O.C.’ star, the reboot was more authentic than its predecessor and is produced by a different production company. This could be one of the reasons for the refreshing change.

Brody Jenner appeared in ‘The Hills’ as a supporting cast member and is one of the prominent cast members in the reboot. In a conversation with Michael Strahan and Sarah Haines, he admitted that the drama and the relationships in ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ are absolutely real. Before filming the first season, Whitney Port shared her opinion about the new iteration of the reality show. She said that the producers were interested in capturing all that would happen in their lives and believed that they might not follow a script.

The fashion designer and author said that the cast members already had enough going on in their real lives, so there would be no need to create situations for the cameras. As Whitney rightly put it, the fans can sense when something is put on just for show. In an interview in 2019, Justin “Bobby” Brescia also revealed that the cast members had to mentally prepare themselves for sharing their lives on camera because there was no hiding.

He also said that there were moments one would not want to be captured, but the camera caught it all anyway. The musician and hairdresser said that filming was different when they were younger because they would think about what a situation would look like to the audience. But now, the cast members had to understand and accept that whatever they put out there was what would make it to the screen.

Although it has been established that the reboot is closer to reality than the original show, Whitney Port revealed that there had been some reshoots. But she clarified that it did not make any difference to the way things were naturally unfolding. The former showrunner Lauren Weber had also said that even though the show is not scripted, the cast members would be placed in certain situations just to “bring out” what they might be thinking.

Naturally, this leaves things ambiguous as far as the authenticity of the show is concerned. However, it seems like the situation is much better than it was for ‘The Hills.’ With regard to the parent series, Kristin Cavallari famously spoke up about most of her storylines being fabricated to make her look like the villain. Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner also revealed that they were never really a couple. Therefore, it seems that ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ has learned from the mistakes in the past and wants to keep things natural.

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