Is The Marriage App’s Equilibrium a Real App?

Directed by Sebastián De Caro, the romantic comedy movie focuses on a married couple as they try to rekindle the fizzled out romance and passion in their lives. ‘The Marriage App’ poses some wonderful questions for couples who believe their relationship is perfect. A happy relationship can also have troubles and issues the partners don’t know about.

What makes the movie even more interesting is the app that brings the couple closer together. Equilibrium is the name of the app that does its magic and reignites the passionate fire in Belen and Federico’s lives. The app uses incredible technology to determine and allot miles to a person when they do something good for their spouse. We’re in the same boat if you’re also interested in learning more about this cutting-edge app. Let’s discuss the details.

Is the Equilibrium App Real?

Unfortunately, Equilibrium is not a real app. The movie features the app very prominently as the couple finds their way back to each other with the app’s help. Equilibrium uses high-tech watches, made in Japan, to track the couple’s neurotransmitters. Feelings and emotions are monitored via the hormones released in the body and the vitals of the person. Thus, backend people are able to allot miles to the couple.

Furthermore, the couple earns miles for every good deed they do for their loved one. From cooking a hearty meal for them to planning a romantic day out, the partners can earn miles for every little thing they do in the name of love. However, a selfish act by a partner can subtract the miles as well. The app highlights the efforts put in by each person in making their partner happier. This way, Belen and Federico both know how much their spouse loves them.

While the Equilibrium app is not available for real couples, there are some other apps that can help sustain a happy relationship. Not just that, these apps can spice things up in the bedroom as well. You can learn more about your partner, learn about their preferences, and improve your relationship all at the same time. One such app is Love Nudge, where partners can discover each other’s love languages. Consequently, you can know how to profess their love to their partner. Imagine no more confusion or fights about overlooked efforts. Rather, you will receive love just the way you want it.

Like Equilibrium, Love Nudge does not allot miles or keep an eye on your heart rate. However, it makes it easier for you to know how your partner feels loved. Another such app is Coupleness. In this application, you can track how your spouse feels about the relationship. You can then make changes or incorporate more things to accommodate your loved one’s desires. It opens up your relationship to become a safe space where both partners can share their innermost feelings without judgment. Furthermore, Coral is an app that focuses on boosting intimacy between couples. The app also allows couples to talk to experts and track their progress.

Equilibrium is a comprehensive app that offers a multitude of services to the couple in ‘The Marriage App.’ The alternative options listed above offer a part of those services, but can be immensely helpful for couples, who struggle to keep up with their love lives. Hopefully, these apps can help couples like Belen and Federico, who love and care for each other greatly.

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