Is The Whole Truth Based On A True Story?

Featuring Keanu Reeves in the role of a conflicted lawyer defending the son of his ill-reputed friend in a case of patricide, ‘The Whole Truth’ brings out several versions of truths, only to shatter them in the finality of events. Helmed by Courtney Hunt, the drama packs hair-raising tension as the case trudges to a closure. The courtroom procedures are unarguably convincing, but you may ask whether the film itself is tethered to reality. In that case, we solemnly vow to quench your curiosity.

Is The Whole Truth Based on a True Story?

No, ‘The Whole Truth’ is not based on a true story. The film is adapted for the screen by Courtney Hunt from an original screenplay penned by veteran screenwriter Nicholas Kazan. But it would interest you to know that in the end credits, the screenwriter role is ascribed to one Rafael Jackson, which is a pseudonym used by Kazan, according to IMDb. The production was initially slated for Salem, Massachusetts, but the director chose to film in the southern state of Louisiana instead.

This was a happy accident for the director since she spent most of her childhood days in and around the city of New Orleans. While she does not hail from there, Louisiana is a state close to her heart, and she managed to bring some of the southern flavors into the film. The director also pointed out that the small community of New Orleans was perfectly suited for the delicacy of the story. They also found a nifty courtroom in the area, which they renovated for the production. Daniel Craig was approached for the role of Richard Ramsey before it went to Keanu Reeves.

While the film sheds itself from much of the Hollywood-y glamour and suaveness, the expressions of the characters endow some much-needed realism to the plot. Although the film is not based on a real-life case, the courtroom ambiance and procedures that are depicted in the film are convincing. The intricate portrayal of courtroom procedures owes much to the law background of the director, who swore an oath to not veer from reality.

After finishing her preparatory education in D.C., Courtney followed the path of her mother and enrolled herself in the law school at Northeastern University. But she soon realized that the legal vocation was not suited for her and went on to pursue an education in film from Columbia University. However, the experience at the law school allowed her to take up co-op gigs, and she worked terms for a criminal defense firm and a federal judge.

Moreover, she divulged in an interview that her experience of second-sitting murder trials with her husband, who is also a lawyer, helped her direct Keanu Reeves more accurately. Her husband was also personally present on the set to guide Keanu Reeves for the role of Ramsey. Moreover, Elon Dershowitz, who is credited as a producer for the film, consulted his famous lawyer father, Alan Dershowitz, to drive the courtroom scenes to perfection. So, there you have it, folks. While you may expect ‘The Whole Truth’ to be rooted in reality, in actuality, it is just a gripping, fictional tale.

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