Is Tracie Thoms’ Karen Leaving 9-1-1?

The sixth episode of FOX’s action series9-1-1’ season 6 follows a terrifying explosion that happens in Karen Wilson’s lab. One of Karen’s colleagues conducts an experiment on a leaking device, causing the explosion. Firefighters and paramedics of Station 118 arrive at the scene and lead the rescue of the workers of the lab and extinguishing of the fire. The aftermath of the explosion startles Henrietta “Hen” Wilson, who is not even allowed to join her 118 colleagues. As she encounters her partner, whose life is threatened by the explosion, one must be wondering whether we are seeing the last of Tracie Thoms in the show. Well, let’s find out!

What Happened to Karen?

In the sixth episode of season 6, Karen’s life gets threatened when an explosion happens at her lab. A rescue team led by Captain Robert “Bobby” Nash finds her among the debris. Since they don’t notice any potentially fatal injuries in her, Bobby and his team even seek her help in rescuing and treating her colleagues who are trapped inside the building. Although Hen arrives at the scene, Bobby and later Athena Grant–Nash stops her from rushing to Karen. Ultimately, Karen gets out of the building and embraces Hen but she loses consciousness in no time.

Hen notices a severe wound in Karen’s abdomen. She gets taken to a hospital in an ambulance along with Hen, Bobby, and Howard “Chimney” Han. Hen tries her best to find a pulse in her partner to bring her back to life. After much effort, she succeeds and Karen gains consciousness. After encountering death at a short distance, Karen stays alive. After receiving adequate treatment from the hospital, she returns to her home to recover completely. Although Karen survives the explosion, the viewers must be wondering about the possibility of the character dying, opening a gateway for Tracie Thoms to leave the show. On that note, here’s what we know about the same.

Tracie Thoms is Most Likely to Continue Her Role in 9-1-1

As of yet, neither FOX nor Tracie Thoms has announced the actress’ departure from ‘9-1-1,’ indicating that Thoms may not be imminently parting ways with the show. Karen’s survival shows us that Thoms most likely will remain an integral part of the cast of the show. If the actress was slated to leave the action drama, Karen must have died due to the explosions. Since the same doesn’t happen, it is safe to assume that we most likely will be seeing more of Thoms in the upcoming episodes of the show.

The explosion at Karen’s workplace and her fight to stay alive can be narrative developments conceived for Hen to realize that she doesn’t want to put an end to her firefighting career. After deciding to leave 118 to become a doctor, Hen changes her decision upon Karen’s survival, possibly realizing that she wants to continue saving people as a first responder. Thus, we can consider Karen’s near-death experience as a significant plot point rather than an indication of Thom’s supposed departure from the show.

In addition, Hen promises Karen to spend more time with her after deciding to stay in 118. We may even see Thoms’ character featured more in the upcoming episodes of the sixth season of ‘9-1-1.’

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