Is Tyson Fury A Gypsy? Why Is He Called The Gypsy King?

After years of blood, sweat, and tears in the ring, heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury hangs his robes and enters a life of blissful retirement. Netflix’s ‘At Home With the Furys’ revolves around Tyson, his wife Paris, their children, and their extended family. The reality television show features the daily highs and lows of a family in the limelight. It also presents a glimpse of the family’s cultures and norms. One of the biggest questions that the fans have wanted to know is why Tyson Fury is called “The Gypsy King.” So, if you’re also curious about the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Is Tyson Fury a Gypsy?

Asserting his descent and culture through his work, Tyson Fury’s muse and prolific boxing career is deep-rooted in his identity as a Traveller or Gypsy. The Traveller communities are known for their traditional lifestyles where the members live in caravans and do not fully integrate into settled society. Born and brought up in Manchester, England, Tyson’s lineage can be traced back to the community of Irish Travellers. His father hails from Tuam in Galway, whereas his mother’s home city is Belfast.

Over the years, the difference in living styles has secluded the community and reportedly even incurred discrimination and prejudice from the general public. Nevertheless, the heavyweight boxing champion remains proud of his heritage and the norms of his culture. Growing up, Tyson, like several other young members of his community, engaged in bare-knuckle fighting in a feat to settle conflicts and disputes involving the communities. With simple basic tenets that guard the fighters, Tyson grew up with fighting in his blood. Over time, the practice translated into passion, and Tyson began his journey as a professional boxer.

In his autobiography, titled ‘Behind the Mask,’ Tyson also opens about the famous fighting men from Ireland who ultimately influenced him. The star refers to his Uriah Burton, who earned the title “King of Gypsies” and never lost a bare-knuckle fight, as his great-granduncle. As per reports, Tyson is also a distant relative to Bartley Gorman, a renowned fighter in the ‘70s and ‘80s, also referred to by the aforementioned title once upon a time. In the book titled ‘Tyson Fury: Gypsy King of the World,’ Tyson admitted, “I am fighting royalty. Uriah is on my father’s side and Bartley Gorman, the other undefeated champion, is on my mother’s side. I have gypsy kings on both sides of the family.”

While Tyson’s impressive pedigree helped elevate his strategy in the ring, the star has also adopted the customs of his people outside the boxing world as well. Tyson is married to Paris Fury, who was also raised as a Traveller. Along with her wife, the boxing champion raises their six children in accordance with the Traveller traditions. Their eldest daughter, Venezuela, was promptly pulled out of school at the age of 11 and has since been homeschooled. From what we can tell, the same tradition will likely follow suit for other members of the clan, who will be taught primary life skills as well.

Why is Tyson Fury Called The Gypsy King?

In line with his heritage and history, Tyson adorned the nickname “The Gypsy King” to represent his upbringing and the traditions of his community. While the star’s unprecedented success has helped him climb the ranks and become one of the most renowned fighters, his lineage has played a major role in his life. The star has opened up about the blatant form of racism that exists in the United Kingdom against the Traveller community. In 2016, he declared, “I am not accepted in this country. I am a gypsy and that’s it. I will always be a gypsy, I’ll never change. I will always be fat and white and that’s it. I am the champion yet I am thought of as a bum.”

Tyson has also spoken candidly about people who had reportedly been refused a table at a pub because of their Traveller background. The boxing champion has also raised awareness about the pubs, bars, and restaurants that likely refuse service to Travellers alone. Therefore, even though his meteoric rise has paved the way for other members of the Traveller community to rise through the ranks, there is still a significant issue that’s left to be tackled. However, Tyson has not allowed himself to crouch because of the opinions and beliefs of a few.

Instead, Tyson is now using his platform to disseminate knowledge about the issue. In an interview with Kugan Cassius about Travellers Lives Matters, the star also laid bare the conditions that continuously affect the members of the community. The boxing champion iterated, “Every other ethnic group, every other race, are standing up and being counted and Travellers need to do the same.”

Instead, the star and his wife have become open advocates for the community and proudly talk about their traditions and customs. As the undefeated champion who has claimed all four world title belts, Tyson continues to embark on new adventures and pay an ode to his heritage and upbringing by solidifying his name in boxing history as “The Gypsy King.”

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