Where is At Home With The Furys Filmed?

Unlike the high-stakes conditions that dictate emotions in the ring, Netflix’s ‘At Home With The Furys’ features heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury and his life behind the scenes. The docusoap revolves around Tyson Fury as he takes a step back from boxing and relishes retirement. The series features Tyson and his wife, Paris Fury, along with their six children, a dog, and extended family. The marital duo tries to embrace the trials and triumphs of everyday life as they throw birthday parties, go camping, and attend christenings.

However, relinquishing athletics and embracing the eccentricities of daily life isn’t enough for the boxer, who still looks ahead to new challenges and goals. With an adventurous spirit that guides his action, ‘At Home With The Furys’ follows the family’s escapades in several locations. So, if you’re also wondering where the reality television show is filmed, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

At Home With The Furys Filming Locations

‘At Home With The Furys’ is filmed in England, France, Iceland, Spain, and the UAE, particularly in Morecambe Bay, Manchester, London, Cannes, Kopavogur, Mallorca, and Dubai. The principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the reality show took place in August 2022 and was concluded within the next few months. Now, without further ado, let’s look at the specific filming locations for the show!

Morecambe Bay, United Kingdom

The show explicitly reflects the boxer’s life outside the ring. Naturally, his home in Morecambe Bay becomes a central filming location. The seaside town accentuates the backdrop and helped Tyson reflect on his inner struggles and hopes for the future throughout the show. Several scenes are shot inside the Fury mansion where the couple and their six children – Venezuala, Prince, Adonis, Valencia, Tutty, and Athena and their dog, Cash, enjoy familial bliss. Other locations include local eateries, churches, and beaches.

Other Locations in the United Kingdom

Another pivotal production location for ‘At Home With the Furys’ is Manchester, a city and metropolitan borough in the Greater Manchester County. Along with his father, John Fury, the heavyweight boxing champion, and his wife, Paris, the trio regularly visits the prominent city to meet Tommy Fury, the youngest of the Fury men, who is based there with his partner Molly-Mae. The ‘Love Island’ alums is also a central part of the show. Naturally, several locations, such as their house in Manchester and local restaurants, are seen in the show.

Some locations in London can also be spotted in the debut season. From Tyson’s fight with Derek Chisora III at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to several exterior shots of the city, the capital of England and the United Kingdom can be frequently seen in the backdrop of several episodes.

Cannes, France

In line with his adventurous spirit, Tyson regularly wants to jet off to different corners of the world. While the heavyweight champion had initially wanted to fly to Pompeii in the debut iteration of the show, he eventually takes his wife Paris to Cannes. With the Antebes as their backdrop, the couple enjoys several romantic moments in the port town, which has been beautifully captured by the production team. Moreover, they filmed some portions of the first season in Barbarac, Rue Général Allard, Saint-Tropez.

Kopavogur, Iceland

The relentless spirit to succeed in the ring propels Tyson Fury to declare a match with Hafthor Bjornsson in the first season of ‘At Home With the Furys.’ Naturally, the camera crew followed Tyson and his team to Kopavogur, where the star hoped to provoke Hafthor into a face-to-face confrontation.

Mallorca, Spain

Equally devoted to fan service, the crew members followed Tyson to Son Amar, Mallorca, where the star sat down to tell his story and do a fan meet in season 1. While his visit to the country was short and mainly limited to venue halls, the star still held an Official After Party Tour Show in Mallorca.

Dubai, UAE

One of the highlights of season 1 is Tommy Fury and his fight with Rolly Lambert in the Coco-Cola Arena. The arena is located at Al Wasl, City Walk in the city, and drew a significant crowd to witness the fight, thus making it a bit challenging for the production crew to shoot the segment. Besides, you may or may not spot several other local sites in different scenes, including hotels and markets.

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