Is Uncle Clifford Married in Real Life?

In Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley,’ Nicco Annan plays Uncle Clifford, who runs the strip club named The Pynk in Chucalissa, Mississippi. The series progresses through Clifford’s efforts to save her strip club from the vicious interests of the Kyle brothers, who seek to buy the establishment for the land so that they can build a resort and casino at the place, and her intricate relationship with rapper Lil Murda. Annan has captivated critics and audiences alike with his portrayal of Clifford and made the viewers curious about his life as well. If you are eager to know whether the actor is married, let us share what we know!

Is Nicco Annan Married?

In the show, Uncle Clifford is in a complex relationship with Lil Murda. Even though the rapper loves her, he hesitates to present her as his partner to the world fearing the reaction of the homophobic people around him. He is also worried that the same will affect his career as well. Lil Murda’s intentions to keep the relationship a secret end up separating them. Still, they nurture their love for each other. Upon watching Uncle Clifford’s moving romantic saga, the viewers have been eager to find out whether Annan has a partner in real life like his character in the show. Well, here’s what we know.

Annan has chosen to keep his personal life private and refrained from talking about his relationship status publicly. The actor seems to be unmarried as he hasn’t talked about getting married or marital life at all. He has also been careful about disclosing matters of his personal life through social media and other media platforms. It is possible that he is currently single and devoted to his professional life. Considering the on-screen chemistry he shares with co-star J. Alphonse Nicholson, who portrays Lil Murda in ‘P-Valley,’ the viewers have been curious to know whether the two actors are dating.

Annan and Nicholson aren’t dating. Nicholson is married to Nafeesha Nicholson and the couple has a son together. As of now, Annan seems to be entirely focused on his career as an actor. He is part of the cast of an upcoming TV series titled ‘Served.’ As an openly gay Black actor, Annan is also an influential advocate of LGBTQIA+ representation and the depiction of Black queer experiences on screen. “Being a dark-skinned man, and a man that is gay, I wanted to embrace all of the things that people say are going to hold you back,” Annan told Vanity Fair while talking about Uncle Clifford.

Even though Annan keeps his personal life private, he is extremely vocal about the need for inclusivity in the society and entertainment industry in particular. Playing Uncle Clifford in ‘P-Valley’ can be considered the actor’s way of ensuring the portrayal of queer experience on TV. “For me as an artist and as a gay Black man, I said, ‘There is truth to be told here.’ Uncle Clifford was an opportunity, I felt, for people to be able to get to know Black people on the [LGBTQ] spectrum in a more intimate way,” Annan told Xtra Magazine.

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