What Are Uncle Clifford’s Rules at The Pynk in P-Valley?

Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ centers around The Pynk, a strip club located in the city of Chucalissa. The Pynk is originally owned by Uncle Clifford, who turns the club into the home of several vulnerable dancers. Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night, who eventually becomes an owner of the club, initially seeks refuge at The Pynk after running away from her abusive ex-boyfriend Montavius. For the betterment of the club and the dancers performing at the same, Clifford has implemented several rules at the place. If you are interested in the same, let us explain them! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Are Uncle Clifford’s Rules at The Pynk?

Uncle Clifford’s rules start with asking the dancers to consider the stage at The Pynk a “stepping stone” instead of a “tombstone.” Clifford runs the club for the betterment of her dancers and not to drag them down. She wants her dancers to uplift themselves as the employees of The Pynk, like Mercedes, Keyshawn/Miss Mississippi, and Hailey do, rather than destroying their lives. Her second rule is that the dancers should know all the exits of the club so that they can “turn a window into a door” in case of an emergency. Considering the unexpected fights and other conflicts that arise in the club, her second rule is not even an exaggeration.

Clifford prohibits crying at The Pynk. She runs the club for the dancers to fight their hardships and make a living and for customers to have a good time. She knows that crying disrupts both and as a sensitive soul, she cannot stand the same too. Clifford is also adamant about not doing any tax evasions. She doesn’t want any authorities to go through her books and lock her “home” for not paying taxes. Another rule demands the customers to pay strictly dollar bills and not coins. As someone who knows the financial state of her employees, she wants her customers to loosen up their pockets for them.

Clifford cannot tolerate a compromised work ethic. Another rule at The Pynk demands the performers to dance like it’s their “last dance” even when “there ain’t no money raining.” She wants her dancers to perform their best to the customers irrespective of the latter’s count or the money they are throwing onto the stage. Along with the customers, Clifford wants The Pynk’s stage to get respected as well. In addition, Clifford also makes sure that the “closed legs,” the dancers who cannot perform, will get fed too. She considers The Pynk as a family and she doesn’t want anyone to spend the fortune one makes by dancing alone while someone is starving in the green room.

While running The Pynk, Clifford has to confront the accusations of the club being a brothel. But one of her rules states that there aren’t any prostitutes in The Pynk. She also restricts her dancers from exposing their breasts. To avoid any involvement with the authorities, Clifford has also banned tequila/alcohol inside the club. Her rules also restrict explicit sexual activities and underage customers. Clifford cannot tolerate counterfeit money, bullets, and chips, especially the latter since she isn’t interested in cleaning the crumbs.

According to Nicco Annan, Clifford’s 88th rule, “just because a bitch is good at keeping the peace, does not mean she is not good at waging war,” will define the character’s actions in the second season of the show, especially since she is trying to save the club from Hailey and the Kyle brothers. Uncle Clifford’s rules do not end with these. As per popular belief, there are at least 29,763 rules she wants to implement in her strip club. As the show progresses, we can expect to get to know them completely.

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