P-Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

The second episode of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ season 2, titled ‘Seven Pounds of Pressure,’ follows the reopening of The Pynk as restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic get relaxed. Hailey‘s recruits get settled in the strip club while Mercedes confronts new challenges. The Kyle brothers’ efforts to materialize their dream project, The Promised Land, come to a dead end when negotiations with Hailey and Uncle Clifford do not yield any result. The engrossing episode ends with revelations concerning Montavius’ presumed death and the fate of the strip club. Let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

‘Seven Pounds of Pressure’ begins with Hailey, Mercedes, and Uncle Clifford conducting an audition to replace Keyshawn and Gidget. Even though Hailey and Mercedes fight over the selections, Whisper, Roulette, and Big Bone get picked as the new dancers at The Pynk. Corbin Kyle and Andre discuss the prospects of selling the club with Hailey and Clifford. Corbin offers half a million for the establishment, only for Hailey to demand ten million. Corbin gets forced to put an end to the negotiations, at least for now, upon listening to Hailey’s demand. Big Teak, a member of Lil Murda‘s Hurt Village Hustlas, gets released from prison on parole.

Rome meets Keyshawn to discuss the terms of her joining Lil Murda for his tour. She puts forward more demands than Rome anticipates. Hailey decides to reopen The Pynk unintentionally on the day of Clifford’s birthday. Even when she comes to know about the same, she decides to move forward with the reopening since she wants to start earning money, especially due to the financial concerns of the club. A dispirited Clifford gets abducted by a group to her surprise birthday celebration, arranged by Earnestine. During the celebrations, she hooks up with a man.

Keyshawn and Derrick’s relationship remains turbulent since he doesn’t trust her completely. Still, Keyshawn manages to protect the relationship without much damage and asks his boyfriend to trust him. She finally agrees to join Lil Murda for his tour. On the day of reopening, Whisper, Roulette, and Big Bone get introduced as the new dancers. Upon witnessing the attention the new arrivals receive, Mercedes attempts risky moves on the pole to turn the attention of the customers to her but falls. Clifford contacts Diamond to heal Mercedes.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 2 Ending: Did Mercedes Kill Montavius? Where is His Dead Body?

While Diamond tries to heal Mercedes, she tells him that she has been feeling a certain weight around her right shoulder. Diamond uses his healing methods to extract pressure from Mercedes’ body and weights it. Upon seeing that it weighs seven pounds, Diamond lets her know that it takes seven pounds of pressure to pull the trigger of a gun, indicating that it is Mercedes who shot Montavius. However, it is uncertain whether he is really dead. When Hailey asks about him, Diamond chooses to not talk about him and informs her that he has made sure that he won’t surface in their lives anymore.

If Montavius is really dead, Diamond, Big L, and Clifford may have buried him in a safe place. They may have chosen to be tight-lipped about the same to not let the death get traced back to them. Since Montavius had connections with vicious criminal gangs, they may be even anticipating potent people’s arrival to find Montavius. Considering that they may question Hailey, letting her know about the body’s location may pave the way for more trouble. If he is not dead, which is highly unlikely, Diamond is likely trying to maintain the lie that Montavius is dead for the comfort of Hailey.

Will Hailey Sell The Pynk?

When Corbin and Andre let Hailey knows that they are ready to offer half a million for The Pynk, significantly more than the market value, she realizes that she is the owner of a fortune. She demands ten million to sell the club, which astounds Corbin. Clifford seemingly believes that Hailey is trying to save the club by demanding a price that will never be offered. She joins her and emphasizes the need for such a sum for them to consider selling while likely believing that Hailey’s willingness to sell the club is a pretense. However, she makes it clear to Andre that it isn’t a pretense when he comes to meet her.

For Hailey, The Pynk is just a building. She doesn’t have any emotional connections to the club as Clifford has. She wants to make money for her survival and at the end of the day, that’s all she cares about. To a puzzled Andre, Hailey says that she keeps her clothes in her bag rather than in a closet, indicating that she is always ready to move on from the establishment if Corbin’s potential offer is good enough. Even though ten million may turn out to be an unrealistic figure, Hailey can be expecting an offer that will be around her demand.

If Corbin agrees to a fee, Hailey may pack her bags again with a stack of money as she did while leaving Montavius, without caring for Clifford’s attachment to the club.

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