Will Diamond and Big Bone End Up Together in P-Valley? Theories

Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night recruits new dancers for The Pynk in Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ season 2 when Gidget and Keyshawn/Mississippi depart from the strip club. After conducting an audition, she selects Whisper, Roulette, and Big Bone as the new dancers. When Whisper and Roulette start to conquer the dance floor, Big Bone sets her sight on different things. After a brief period as a dancer, she becomes the new DJ of The Pynk. In the fourth episode of season 2, she eyes Diamond and invites him for a night drive and possibly more. Intrigued by their encounter, we have taken a look at the prospects of their union. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Diamond and Big Bone End Up Together?

As the bouncer of The Pynk, Diamond plays a protective role in the lives of the strip club’s dancers, especially Keyshawn. Her relationship with the abusive Derrick infuriates her due to the feelings he nurtures for her. When Derrick crosses the line, Diamond fights with him for physically and emotionally abusing Keyshawn, only for her to hold a gun against him. The incident not only affects Diamond’s feelings for her but also influences him to leave the strip club, before Big Bone’s arrival at the same. She gets impressed with Diamond and his actions.

In the fourth episode of season 2, Big Bone meets Diamond when he comes to The Pynk to implement the Covid-19 pandemic protocols. She flirts with him and makes him realize that she has her eyes on him. Big Bone also clearly implicates her sexual interest in Diamond and offers a drive. As far as Big Bone is concerned, her interest in Diamond can be a fascination upon knowing about how he stood up for Keyshawn. His protective nature and sincerity may have impressed her. In addition, she can be trying to replace Keyshawn in Diamond’s mind, a feat nobody has achieved.

Diamond’s attachment to Keyshawn, irrespective of their current troubled relationship, can be a challenge for Big Bone to conquer. Since Big L wants Diamond to return to The Pynk as the bouncer, he and Big Bone may get closer as well. Even though we are yet to know about Big Bone’s intentions, she may succeed in getting together with him. A relationship with Big Bone may turn out to be a much-needed opportunity for Diamond to move on from Keyshawn. Diamond even has to leave The Pynk and his “family” because of her and he may want to close that chapter of his life with the arrival of Big Bone.

However, Keyshawn may affect the chances of Diamond and Big Bone ending up together. After a long period of physical and emotional distress, she may finally leave Derrick after building a life of her own. Teaming up with Lil Murda may provide her an opportunity to lead an independent life without the need of depending on her abusive boyfriend. If she leaves Derrick, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she wants to get together with Diamond. He has cared for Keyshawn’s child more and better than Derrick and she may want that security and comfort moving forward for herself and her child.

If that’s the case, Big Bone may not be able to succeed in a battle against Keyshawn for Diamond. Thus, she may end up with Diamond only if Keyshawn is out of the picture. If Keyshawn decides to leave Derrick, Big Bone may have to be cautious if she really wants Diamond to become her boyfriend.

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