Is Uwade Dead? Did Nozipho Mclean Leave Westworld?

Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO

In the fourth season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld,’ Caleb Nichols leads a calm and quiet life with his partner Uwade and daughter Frankie after saving humanity by destroying Rehoboam. When William AKA the Man in Black, following the command of Charlotte Hale, threatens Caleb and his family, he teams up with Maeve Millay to put an end to the predicament.

Meanwhile, Hale creates the host version of Carver upon killing him to abduct Uwade and Frankie. The mother and daughter succeed in escaping from the host. Even though Frankie resurfaces after twenty-three years, Uwade is not present among the resistance group members. So, what happens to her? Is she dead? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Uwade Dead?

When Hale creates Carver’s host version to abduct Uwade and Frankie, the mother and daughter realize that their lives are under threat. They manage to run away from their house and Hale’s reach. Upon arriving in New York City, they form a resistance group with other outliers. After twenty-three years, Frankie is still a part of the resistance but Uwade is nowhere to be seen with them, making one wonder about her whereabouts. A conversation between Frankie and Bernard Lowe in the sixth episode of the fourth season indicates that Uwade is dead.

When Bernard rebuilds Maeve, Frankie talks about how Uwade had become sick and dependent on her even to do the most basic things. She recollects helping her mother in every way possible while the latter was sick and reveals to Bernard that Uwade couldn’t even drink water comfortably. Considering the gravity of her sickness, Uwade may have died upon failing to recover from the unrevealed sickness. Even though Frankie doesn’t explicitly reveal that her mother had died, the details of Uwade’s sickness strongly lead to the conclusion that she is most likely dead.

If Uwade is alive, Frankie must have shared her time with her mother, especially since she is the only one who is there to take care of the latter. After losing her father Caleb, Frankie wouldn’t have stayed away from her sick mother for long as well. She may have even expressed her concerns regarding her sick mother if Uwade hasn’t died. Considering these possibilities, Uwade must have died due to the severe sickness Frankie talks about to Bernard. If that’s the case, had Nozipho Mclean left the show? Let’s see.

Did Nozipho Mclean Leave Westworld?

Although neither HBO nor Nozipho Mclean has announced the departure of the actress from ‘Westworld,’ Uwade’s most likely death indicates that Mclean might have left the show. The flashback scenes in the sixth episode of season 4 can be the last scenes in which Mclean portrays Uwade, at least for the time being. Even if the actress had left the show, we may see Mclean featuring again in the show in flashback scenes. As Frankie is setting out to find Caleb with Maeve, we may see her reminiscing about her time with Uwade and Caleb as well.

As per IMDb, Mclean is not a part of the cast of the fourth season’s remaining episodes, which further indicates that the actress had most likely parted ways with the science-fiction series. Since death is not something definite in the universe of ‘Westworld,’ we may see Uwade again as a host in the feature, possibly opening a gateway for Mclean to return to the show.

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