11 Best Science Fiction TV Series on Netflix Right Now

Science has shown us that the possibilities in this world are limitless and scientists are trying every day to discover something which will change the course of history. Science is continuously developing and because it has shown us options of possibility, our imaginations have taken a flight considering what we can do in the future. Today it has made the entire world a completely different place than what it was a hundred years ago. Science fiction, which are stories that fictionalize the possibilities of scientific study have been popular for long. Mary Shelley iconic book ‘Frankenstein’ is considered the first science fiction novel. Later, it started becoming more and more popular with authors like H.G. Wells, and Arthur C. Clarke pushing the boundaries of the genre.

When movies came later, French director Georges Méliès made a science fiction as early as 1902, called ‘Le Voyage Dans la Lune’, which means ‘A Voyage To the Moon’. Because science fiction is a wildly popular genre, numerous movies and TV shows have come up lately, and each of them brings a unique concept to the table. Besides creating amazing stories based on scientific developments, some science fiction movies and TV shows also serve as a warning to us, showing that if the use of science is not controlled, the potential danger is imminent. And with that said, here’s the list of really good science fiction shows on Netflix that are available to stream right now:

11. Sense8 (2015-2018)

Are there people in the world who live in each other’s minds? This is the question that immediately strikes you while watching this sensational series. ‘Sense8’ is about the story of eight individuals who are connected in strange ways and they can feel each other’s feelings, emotions, and whatever that goes on through their minds. Such people are called sensates. We see how they manage to learn to survive and help each other against enemies. They also try to figure out ways in which this sensation can be stopped permanently. The show has mostly received positive reviews, with critics praising it for its content and acting.

10. Stranger Things (2016 – Present)

‘Stranger Things’ has become the most popular Netflix original after the second season was released. It is a science fiction story which pays homage to the 80s sci fi movies. The story is set in a small American town called Hawkins where a group of scientists are carrying out an experiment. A little girl called Eleven has been brought up in a certain way by her father who uses her to open a portal to another dimension which is called the Upside Down. It is the same place as Hawkins, but is a dark, desolate version of the same town. However, when the scientists try and close the portal to the Upside Down, they cannot close it completely and deadly monsters there make their way into the real world. One thing that is unique about the show is the use of child protagonists, and each of these actors has performed marvelously. It has also been praised by several critics.

9. The Rain (2018 – Present)

‘The Rain’ is a combination of a science fiction and a post-apocalyptic society. It is the story of two brothers who are trying to escape death. Death has come as a rainfall carrying a dangerous virus with it, which has already killed most of the population of the Scandinavian countries, the place where the show is based. Only a few survivors remain and among them are the leading characters of the series — Simon and Rasmus. They have to search for their father who is a scientist and might provide them with a solution or a cure for the virus. Now why the virus is there in the first place becomes a huge question. Was it because of any scientific experiment which has hardly gone wrong? This show was the first original Danish series produced by Netflix. Though this series has been popular, some users and critics have pointed out some logical loopholes in the plot-line.

8. Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-1969)

Probably the most culturally influential science fiction show ever, the ‘Star Trek: Original Series’ became a torchbearer in television history because of many reasons. The show was created by Gene Roddenberry and is set in the future somewhere during the 2260s. The main focus of the show is the spaceship called Enterprise and James Kirk, its captain. The science officer is Spock, who himself would go on to become one of the most popular characters in ‘Star Trek’ history and Leonard Nimroy, the actor who donned the role, has become a huge cultural icon across the world. The objective of Enterprise is to find out planets and civilizations which have not yet made contact with other civilizations from the Milky Way Galaxy. Initially, the series did not receive much public attention, but after it was canceled, reruns made it popular. The show was nominated for numerous awards throughout its run.

7. The OA (2016 – Present)

The OA is the story of a girl called Prairie Johnson who escapes from captivity and recruits a group of kids with whom she has a mission to accomplish. However, there have been two very important changes in her before and after she disappeared. When she disappeared, she was blind and now has perfect eyesight. Secondly, she does not like calling herself with her old name anymore, instead preferring the name OA. We later come to know that OA stands for Original Angel.

The individuals she recruited have their personal problems and trauma. At one point of time, we learn that OA has suffered death numerous times, but always managed to came back. She believes that there is a world in another dimension all around us, and if we manage to make our way, a lot of lives can be saved. The story of this show is quite complex and has to be seen to be understood. The cinematography and the acting are also quite impressive.

6. Maniac (2018)

‘Maniac’ is a science fiction TV series starring Hollywood stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Their characters are called Annie Landsberg and Owen Milgrim respectively. Both of them have mild psychological problems. While Annie suffers from borderline personality disorder, Owen has been a victim of schizophrenia. Willingly, they take part in a medical experiment in which we see them connect with each other in a unique way. They enter phases known as pill-induced dreams and share the dream together. They see two such dreams in which each of them has a different name, personality, and identity. The company which has come up with this idea believes that it is the best possible way in which mental illness can be treated. But is it as easy as it sounds? Many critics have praised the show, with some calling it the best of 2018. The cinematography, production design, and acting were subjects of enthusiastic appreciation from the critics. It was also quite brave of Hill and Stone to put a pause on their Hollywood careers and take up such challenging roles.

5. Lost In Space (2018 – Present)

Lost In Space‘ is set in the future when the earth has been hit by a celestial object and human life has come under serious threat. All human beings are being evacuated from Earth and sent to the Alpha Centauri star system, which the humans are planning to colonize. Each family is being given a spaceship to fly to their destination. All the spaceships first fly together in a craft called Resolute. However, the family which is the subject of the show, the Robinsons, find themselves in extreme distress somewhere in outer space along with others. Their ship has been attacked by an alien robot and all these spaceships got away from the Resolute and landed on a planet which is habitable. However, all of the families need to reach the Resolute otherwise they shall not come in contact with other humans ever again. The story is sweet, emotional, and in the same breath, the production value of the series is extremely high.

4. The Innocents (2018 – Present)

What this series can be described as is a science fiction mystery. It is the story of a young couple who have responsibilities at home and wish to escape their drudgery. They run away, but then, June, the girl, discovers she has the power to shape shift. She can transform into any living thing she wants to, but her reflection will, however, still show her real face. ‘The Innocents’ is about love and the dependency of two troubled people upon each other. However, things hardly remain as blissful when they come to know that a scientist already knows about this quality of June’s and wants to explore it for his own good. The series has received high praises from critics and the layered storytelling has also received acclaim. The acting is superb and the production quality outstanding. This show should not be missed at any cost.

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3. Black Mirror (2011 – Present)

Probably the most popular science fiction series on Netflix, ‘Black Mirror‘ has each of its episodes tell a different story about the ways we can be dragged down by science, which exists even today. All the stories are social commentaries as well as harsh criticisms on how human beings have become so sophisticated that they have forgotten all contacts with nature. Some of the stories are truly haunting. The very first episode of the entire series does something so shocking that it instantly gets you hooked. In one episode, people give ratings to each other just like we rate our Uber drivers! If someone does not meet the required benchmark, he/she is not allowed to use certain public properties. Though it does not sound that bad, you shall not certainly say so after watching the episode. It is one of the most culturally and socially relevant and TV shows in this digital world and should be watched by everyone.

2. Altered Carbon (2018 – Present)

This futuristic TV show takes places around 360 years from the current date. We find that in this world, the human brain and its memories and all other information can be stored in a disk. These memories and learnings can be transferred from one body to another. However, this system has one peril. If the disk gets damaged in any way, the person wearing it automatically dies. These are the workings of the New World Order who have taken over the Earth. They want to bring the world under their control using this method. However, there was a group of rebels who were known as the Envoys. This group died in a rebellion and only one person survived. His name is Takeshi Kovacs and his disk, also known as a stack, is found by a wealthy man who can grant him his freedom. But Kovacs has to solve a murder case to do so.

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1.  Dark (2017 – Present)

Dark‘ is true to the name of the series. The story is set in a small German town near which there is a nuclear power plant. When children from the town start disappearing one by one, dark secrets hidden in the history of four families of the town get revealed. The lead character of the show is Jonas Kahnwald. He is a troubled child as his father committed suicide and his uncle went missing from the face of the earth without any trace. Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler, and Tiedemann are the four families in question. A lot of secrets will come out because there is a possibility of time travel, and people who know about it in the town can look into history. This series was met with huge acclaim for its bleak nature, intense storytelling, and characters.

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