5 Best Viking TV Series on Netflix Right Now

Vikings were known to be these seafaring warriors who traveled across lands to raid and trade from their European homes to other parts of Europe and the world. When they had entered Britain, the British had welcomed them warmly but that was not the “Viking way”, so they fought the British as well, who later called them the Danes. The language spoken by these Vikings was mostly Norse and the meaning of the word Vikings is “a pirate”, so everyone assumed that everyone who raids ships is a Viking. But not all Vikings were evil pirates who raided ships. Some were peaceful warriors and farmers who came with the motive of peaceful trade of goods. They were also skillful craftsmen who wanted to expand the horizons of their work. But the Vikings were strong and they could not only raid but invade even the strongest lands. They would be able to withstand fighting the strongest warriors and even defeat many.

If the above description of the Vikings got your attention, then you should really watch some good Viking shows that are out there. The good news is that you don’t have to go around searching for these because a lot of them are on Netflix right now and to make it even easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the finest Viking shows that are out there. So, here’s the list of really good Viking TV shows on Netflix that are available to stream right now.

5. The Last Kingdom (2015)

The series ‘The Last Kingdom’ is set in the year 872 in a historical city of England. It tells the tale of Vikings who wanted to invade more land and were opposed in doing so by the Saxons who were the native warriors of England, The Vikings tried to hold their captured ground and expand more while the Saxons tried to stop them and repel them out of their country. Ubba (Ubbe Lothbrok) and Guthrum are real characters that have been adapted from real instances but the rest of the characters are fictional and so is the show for the most part of it.

The series also shows that politics back then was the same as how it is now and shows the reality of the battle between the Vikings and Saxons where a lot of characters even die unexpectedly. The show also has great characters who develop with time and are played by brilliant actors. The more you’ll watch this show, the more captivating it gets. Each season has something new to offer and the end of each episode will keep you hungry for more. One of the best historical Viking shows out there, the show is a must watch if you’re looking for the perfect blend of some good Viking action, drama and history.

4. Norsemen (2016)

Do you know what’s better than a Viking drama series? A Viking drama series with a lot of comedy! ‘Norsemen’ is a Norwegian comedy series that’s set up in the year 790 and revolves around the life of a group of Vikings who live together in a village. The protagonist of the series goes on changing as the show progresses with each episode. The show deals with various problems and conflicts the Vikings have to deal with every day with their neighbouring villages, one which includes conflict with a neighboring tribe that wants to invade the Viking village of Norheim and “modernize” them to make them like their own tribe. These conflicts and problems have been portrayed in a very funny way and the solutions these Vikings find to their problems can be hilarious at times.

The show was a major hit in the Scandinavian country of Norway and received more than one million viewers in the first season itself. These figures were huge for a country that has a population of about five million. The show came out in America with the name ‘Vikigane’ and is often compared with another TV drama series, ‘Vikings’. But the two shows are very different in their genres and stand out in their own way. ‘Norsemen’ can be seen as more of a parody of ‘Vikings’ but comparing the two would very unfair. The show is great all around and deserves some appreciation if you’re looking for some comedy in this genre.

3. Knight Fall (2017)

‘Knightfall’ shows us a dramatical insight of the last few days Knights Templar during the 14th century. The show has been highly criticized for the historical inaccuracies that it portrays and many go as far as calling it a crime against the actual historical facts that it should have followed. But the show never really tried to portray itself as a historically accurate or even “based on real events” type of show, so the negative hype is for no reason. If you leave the historical accuracy of the show behind and watch it for its plot, character build-ups and unpredictability, you’ll actually love this show.

The show also has great sets and wonderful actors and if you manage to get past the first episode, you’ll also love the fast-paced action of this show. The show is highly underrated due to the fact that most people seek real history and not history with its own rolled-up controversies and a little bit of fictitious entertainment from betrayal, sex, and the other typical stuff. Ignore the history preachers and watch it solely for the purpose of entertainment. I can assure you that you’ll absolutely love it.

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2. Roman Empire (2016)

The show is tagged as a documentary but does not align with a lot of historical events. The show does have a few historical references to the Roman Empire history here and there but most of it is probably coincidental. Otherwise, the show is good in its own way and can get really interesting and entertaining at times. If you’re looking for pure drama, then this may not be for you and even if you’re looking for pure history-based documentary, this show isn’t recommended. The show touches upon various major historical events and turning points and at the same time manages to keep the viewer completely hooked to the show with some spicy entertainment. If you want a docu-drama that has elements of both historical similarities drama and engaging drama then do watch this one. It might just be the perfect show for you.

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1. Marco Polo (2014)

The show focuses on the ventures of the famous explorer, Marco Polo who gets himself entangled in the Mongol Empire. The show is not exactly a Viking show but depicts something similar in the Chinese lands. The show, like a few others on this list, may not be accurate, historically, but still manages to engage you immensely as a viewer, thanks to the wonderful performances and some amazing directing. If you compare it with shows similar to it like ‘Game of Thrones‘ and ‘Vikings’, it’s actually not that bad and offers a look into the great Asian culture. Let’s ignore the flaws in this one, which we may not even be sure about, and sit back and relax to watch a darn good adventure that unfolds, displaying the most beautiful locations and cinematography.

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