8 Best Movies About Knights

The bygone eras have always been a focus of fascinating stories. There have been stories of valiant warriors and chivalrous knights who walked into a battle with a sword, and sometimes, if they were braver, barehanded. There is a charm of this bravery and this strength of character that allows the filmmakers to choose incredible stories out of history and create a film on it. The interest of the audience is what prods them further, to dive deeper and pick out better warriors that history has seen.

The place of a knight is considered a place of nobility. These men were not just considered great fighters, they were adored by the public and respected by the novelties. Their stories have been a source of many poems and odes and “once upon a time” stories. If you, too, like to bask on the tales of these armoured men, following films about knights should be a must watch for you. However, you must tread further with the knowledge that Hollywood hasn’t restricted itself to creating only action/adventure films about knights. You’ll find that some of the best films have humour tailored to them. Here is the list of top knight movies.


8. Knights of Badassdom (2013)

Tyrion Lannister didn’t get to be a knight in Westeros. But, in another life, as Hung, he got to fight as a knight. Though, not a real knight. A group of friends indulges in Live Action Role Playing where they play the roles of knights and warriors. When an old acquaintance approaches them to allow him to join them, they use a made-up regeneration spell to bring him in the team. Except, it is not a made-up spell. It is an ancient Enochian spell that summons a demon entity that starts killing everyone.


7. A Knight’s Tale (2001)

This is a rather unconventional knight’s tale. Prepare to be surprised by the chanting of a popular rock song just before a jousting tournament starts in the 14th century Europe. Heath Ledger starred as William Thatcher who dreams of being a knight. When his master, Sir Ector, suddenly passes away, William impersonates him to win the remaining final pass in order to win the tournament. Encouraged by one win, William decides to take it further and compete in other tournaments, even when he knows that only nobles are allowed to participate in them. For light-hearted entertainment and Ledger’s nostalgia, this film is a must watch.


6. Dragonheart (1996)

When an English knight fails to train a Saxon prince into becoming a strong, good and just king, he leaves the prince and the royal life behind. His quest, now, is to find and slay all dragons. And, he becomes quite good at it. So good, in fact, that he discovers that there is only one dragon left, in the whole world. The last dragon beseeches the knight to not kill him, not only because he is the last of his kind, but also because this would render the knight jobless. So, the dragon and the knight enter an alliance where they stage false dragon-slaying. But, for how long can they continue this?


5. Highlander (1986)

This film tells the story of a Scottish swordsman who belongs to a group of immortal warriors. These warriors can only be killed by decapitation, and when one warrior kills another, the dead one’s energy transfers into the winner. This process has gone on for centuries, and now, in 1985, only two warriors remain. The one who wins will be the last surviving warrior and will be granted the boon of vast knowledge and immense power. The Scottish swordsman, known as the Highlander, has to find a way to vanquish his opponent because the one who stands against him is an evil man who plans to use the power to dominate the world.

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