Is Valley of the Dead Based on a Book or a Video Game?

‘Valley of the Dead’ (also known as ‘Malnazidos’) is a Spanish-language zombie movie directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and Alberto de Toro. Set during the Spanish Civil War, it revolves around two opposing troops who forge a temporary partnership to deal with an army of the undead. The stylistic film uses elements of its historical setting to craft a compelling narrative, not unlike a novel.

On the other hand, the action-packed and striking visuals will remind some viewers of popular video games. Therefore, viewers must be wondering whether the film is based on a book or a video game. In that case, we have all the answers! Here is everything you need to know about the inspiration behind ‘Valley of the Dead.’

Is Valley of the Dead Based on a Book?

The film ‘Valley of the Dead’ is written by Jaime Marques Olarreaga, Alberto Fernández Arregui, and Cristian Conti. However, the film’s story has been adapted from a popular Spanish novel ‘Noche de Difuntos Del 38.’ The book was penned by author Manuel Martín Ferreras and first published in 2012.

Ferreras was born in Lubián, Spain, and resides in Santa Coloma d’Andorra. While growing up, Ferreras was inspired by novels, comic books, and films. In an interview, Ferreras opened up about the conceptualization of his debut novel ‘Noche de Difuntos Del 38’ (which loosely translates to ‘Night of the Dead of 38’). He revealed that he watched a documentary about the Battle of the Ebro, the largest and most significant battle of the Spanish Civil War. It lasted for months, from July to November 1938, and Ferreras decided to use it as the backdrop for his novel.

Ferreras stated that he was inspired by John Carpenter’s films and added an element of horror to the story by using the tropes of the zombie subgenre. Ferreras’ book has proved popular due to its distinct style, which is likely the reason behind an interest in adapting the novel as a feature film.

However, the popularity of Ferreras’ book also resulted in a video game adaptation produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The third-person zombie shooter game is titled ‘Valley Of The Dead: MalnaZidos’ and features some characters from the original novel as playable characters. The story unfolds in a graphic novel format giving it a feel of Ferreras’ original story.

Meanwhile, the film titled ‘Malnazidos’ in Spanish is a faithful adaptation of the author’s work. Ferreras has himself commended the work of the filmmakers and screenwriters. The author stated that he enjoyed watching the film and considers it on par with his novel. Ferreras also expressed a liking towards the added humorous elements and depth the writers have given his characters.

All things said, Netflix’s ‘Valley of the Dead’ is based on Manuel Martín Ferreras’ best-selling novel ‘Noche de Difuntos Del 38.’ The book’s unique story, a blend of history with a zombie apocalypse, and striking balance of humor and action have made it extremely popular. The book’s popularity has resulted in adaptations across different mediums, including film and video games.

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