Is Zero Chill Based on a True Story?

‘Zero Chill’ is a teenage drama that takes us through ambitions and the efforts to realize them. Kayla is a gifted figure skater, and her twin brother Mac is an ice-hockey enthusiast. Both of them love their sport and strives towards professionalism. However, situations change drastically when Mac receives a scholarship to hone his craft at a famous ice-hockey academy. The opportunity takes Mac to England as his parents decide to shift base from Canada to bolster their son’s preparation.

However, Kayla has to negotiate with her parents’ decision as she stands to risk losing her own dreams for his brother’s sake. This creates a wedge in the family, but Kayla’s determination pushes her to practice her own craft. Filled with angst, emotions, and sibling camaraderie, ‘Zero Chill’ is a light-hearted take on the life of adolescent desires. The story has a natural feel, and its subtle exploration of filial relationships pushes it close to reality. We were intrigued by Mac and Kayla’s struggle and decided to know more about the narrative’s veracity. If you feel the same, we have got your back!

Is Zero Chill Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Zero Chill’ is not based on a true story. The teenage drama resonates with the hopes and ambitions of real-life, but the story is fictional. It is created by Kirstie Falkous and John Regier, the minds behind the drama series ‘Free Rein.’ The creators’ experience of scripting teen series was put to good use while envisioning ‘Zero Chill.’ Plus, the series uses fluid camera movements that take the viewers right into the happenings.

Moreover, the cast was selected from across Europe, with some members hailing from countries like Sweden, Austria, Germany, and the UK. It provided a unique diversity to the show, where the characters are united through the love for a sport. They were selected not only for their acting abilities, as the audition tapes needed them to show their skating skills. Further, the cast members had to undergo a rigorous nine-week training process to sharpen their craft before filming.

Executive producer Tim Compton noted that when the two sports of ice hockey and figure skating merge, the visuals are bound to be exquisite. Peppered with emotional and filial conflicts, ‘Zero Chill’ is a drama created for a family audience. You wouldn’t be wrong if you felt like the show shares similarities with ‘Spinning Out,’ a series that focuses on a figure skater, Kat Baker.

Both the shows have the recurring theme of sibling dynamics in their centerfold, but ‘Zero Chill’ treads the territory on a lighter note. Kayla and Mac are trying to find a place in competitive sports with the weight of parental expectations. The characters are strong and motivated, especially Kayla, who tries to prove to the cynics who believe that she does not have what it takes to be a champion wrong. The conjunction between the two different sports creates the competitive rivalry that drives the show’s narrative.

Nevertheless, it contains a tale of friendship that is one of the most important parts of ‘Zero Chill.’ The siblings have their own issues that reflect the social dissonances that arise from an environmental change. The creators have worked through these nuances and pictured a simulation of reality which we can relate to. Even though ‘Zero Chill’ is not based on a true story, it portrays the journey of teenage ambitions enveloped by expectations of success.

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