Isaac Francis From THTH: All We Know About the Contestant

Image Credit: Isaac Francis/Instagram

An exciting dating reality show with an innovative twist, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ has enjoyed an immense fan following since its premiere. While it starts like any other regular dating show, the contestants are soon informed that they have to refrain from any kind of sexual or physical intimacy in order to keep competing. While physical gratification of any kind leads to a deduction from the total prize pool, the couple with the most votes is eventually crowned the winner. Likewise, season 5 of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ introduced us to Isaac Francis, an interesting personality who loves being the life of the party. With Isaac being quite new to reality TV, here’s everything we know about him.

Nationality Spotlight: British-Born Isaac Francis’ American Journey

While Isaac Francis was 24-years-old at the time of filming, readers would be surprised to know that he was born outside the US. As a matter of fact, Isaac was born in Manchester, the UK. However, his family moved to the States soon after, and he was brought up in a loving and close-knit family in New Jersey. Growing up in the US, Isaac got to be quite close to his parents, and he still enjoys an incredible familial bond with them to this day. Moreover, he shares a special relationship with his grandmother, and it is apparent that Isaac still takes time out of his busy schedule to make memories with his loved ones.

Since Isaac’s parents pushed him to achieve his dream from a very young age, and he owns his current success to their support and encouragement. Moreover, after graduating high school, the reality star earned his Bachelor’s Degree in General Business Administration and Management from The College of New Jersey. Naturally, such an educational background gave him a head start in his professional career, and Isaac was able to make a name for himself even at the young age of 24.

Isaac Francis’ Profession

After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in General Business Administration and Management from The College of New Jersey in 2020, Isaac decided to look for a job in the banking sector and finally found employment as a Relationship Banker in Training with Chase in June of 2021. However, even while training to be a banker, he was determined to expand his horizons and soon discovered an utmost passion for fashion and modeling.

Hence, Isaac began exploring a career in the modeling industry by taking on minor jobs until the people in charge began noticing his talent. Thus, towards the end of 2022, Isaac signed with Wilhelmina Models and has made quite a mark in that industry. Yet, that was not the end of the line for Isaac, as he also works as a social media influencer and has over 25 thousand followers on Instagram.

Isaac Francis is Likely Not Dating Anyone

Since Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is known for choosing single contestants who haven’t had a meaningful romantic relationship for long, we can safely assume that Isaac was single before appearing on the show. Moreover, he describes himself as someone who loves to turn heads at parties, and his recent social media posts make the absence of a romantic someone quite apparent. Hence, even though Isaac did have a few romantic flings on ‘Too Hot To Handle’ season 5, recent developments indicate that he is currently single and wholly focused on furthering his career.

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