Jack Quaid’s Novocaine Begins Filming in Cape Town Next Month

The filming of the thriller movie ‘Novocaine,’ starring Jack Quaid, is set to begin in Cape Town, South Africa, next month. Robert Olsen and Dan Berk are directing the film based on a screenplay by Lars Jacobson. Quaid will star alongside Amber Midthunder as well.

The movie revolves around Nathan Caine (Quaid), who grapples with a rare condition called CIPA (Congenital Insensitivity to Pain), which renders him unable to experience physical pain. Raised in a sheltered environment, Nathan adapts to the challenges posed by his condition, from carefully blending his food to avoid unintentional self-harm to relying on timers for essential daily routines. However, when his bank falls victim to a robbery and his newfound love becomes a hostage, Nathan transforms his unique affliction into a formidable strength as he embarks on a mission to rescue her.

Olsen and Berk, the duo behind ‘Novocaine,’ previously wrote and directed ‘Significant Other‘ for Paramount+. This thriller features Maika Monroe and Jake Lacy as a young couple embarking on a backpacking trip through the Pacific Northwest, only to confront sinister occurrences that unveil the deceptive nature of their surroundings. Additionally, they helmed the black comedy ‘Villains,’ starring Bill Skarsgård and Monroe, which revolves around two amateur criminals who inadvertently discover a dark secret within a suburban home, triggering a series of events as the sadistic homeowners go to extreme lengths to protect their hidden truth.

Quaid has recently graced the small screen with notable appearances in renowned projects such as ‘The Boys‘ and ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.’ The actor also starred in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer,’ portraying the renowned American theoretical physicist Richard Feynman. He is also a part of the voice cast of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ and ‘My Adventures with Superman.’

Midthunder most recently portrayed Princess Yue in the TV series ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender.’ The actress’ credits also include Haley in ‘Dream Scenario.’ She has been a part of several notable productions such as ‘Centurion: The Dancing Stallion,’ ‘Roswell, New Mexico,’ and ‘Prey.’

Cape Town is a familiar entertainment production destination for high-profile Hollywood projects. The region previously hosted the shooting of Netflix’s ‘One Piece‘ and Starz’s ‘Outlander.’

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