Jacklyn Romano: Love Undercover Contestant is an Entrepreneur

If there’s one thing nobody can deny, it’s that reality dating shows and sports documentaries have been all the rage in recent years owing to the pure emotions they manage to put on record. It was thus just a matter of time before these genres were blended to near perfection, and now we have ‘Lover Undercover,’ which follows five soccer athletes as they try to find “the one” without the backing of their status. They actually have to lie about their careers to unsuspecting women to make this whole concept work in the first place, and amongst those to eventually find herself caught up in this complex world was Jacklyn Romano.

Jacklyn Romano is Incredibly Successful in Her Own Right

Ever since Jacklyn was just a young girl growing up alongside her unwaveringly supportive family in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, she has reportedly had a keen interest in business as well as fitness. Therefore, by the time she was 19 and a business administration freshman at Rowan University, she’d worked hard to earn her personal trainer certification so as to begin working on her own brand as quickly as possible. Little did anyone know that her perseverance would actually enable her to launch her social media fitness account within mere months, following which she even got the confidence to establish a private studio around 2019.

That’s the year Jacklyn also graduated university — yes, she did it in just three years — only to undertake a full-time desk job until she had so many clients she simply couldn’t keep up. This was obviously such a far cry from her early days, during which she’d kept her fitness page private to avoid being made fun of by her school peers, making her incredibly proud of herself. In fact, per her own accounts, it wasn’t until she’d started seriously taking clients in 2017 and helped a few of them reach their fitness goals through her online program that she went public.

Though if we’re being honest, it didn’t take young Jacklyn a lot of time to get used to her success due to how much she already believed in herself, leading her to expand her venture further. She was actually able to do so despite COVID-19 soon hitting the world because her workouts could be done at home without equipment, so she took hour-long group classes over Zoom. Then came her decision to spread her wings by launching a bikini company too, allowing her to really fulfill her lifelong passion of entrepreneurship plus women empowerment through clothing.

Therefore, of course, when we first came across Jacklyn on our screens, the 25-year-old made it clear money and success were rather important to her since she lived a “boujee lifestyle.” She didn’t want somebody to splurge on her or spoil her to no extent per se, yet she did want someone at her level so that she’d never have to worry, driving her to give a potential partner’s career a lot of weight. In the end, that obviously played a decision in who she chose on ‘Love Undercover’ and how she behaved with them, that is, until she got to know the real them and their personalities.

Where is Jacklyn Romano Now?

Although Jacklyn Romano’s relationship status is a little unclear as of writing considering her time on the Peacock original, we do know she’s thriving in every other way, shape, and form. After all, she’s the proud founder-owner of Jacklyn.fit as well as Bikinis by Jacklyn, all the while also serving as a part-time Assistant Marketing Manager at a local establishment by the name of Sea Isle Spiked Iced Tea. Moreover, the way her brand has grown in recent years, with the help of collaborations with Lululemon, Free People, plus Soul Cycle in Philadelphia, is also a clear indication the only path for her is up right now.

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