Jake Cerveny: Car Masters Fabricator is a Family Man Too

As a makeover reality series living up to its title in nearly every way imaginable, Netflix’s ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches‘ can only be described as equal parts entertaining, inspiring, and mesmerizing. That’s because it centers around the crew at Gotham Garage in Temecula, California, as they break all bounds to repair, restore, or flip old vehicles to raise their value and thus earn massive profits. Amongst them in season 5 is Jake Cerveny — he’s an experienced fabricator who joined the squad following the Nick Smith partnership — so now, let’s just find out everything about him, shall we?

Jake Cerveny’s Background

It was reportedly back when California native Jake was merely a toddler that he first developed an unwavering interest in welding, metal, and cars, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed. After all, his father was a Mercedes-employed metalworker, painter, as well as finisher, so it was quite normal for him to spend countless hours in the garage or the workshop, surrounded by tools. He hence ended up picking them, just to gradually learn the skills too in the hopes of following in his hero, mentor, father’s footsteps — he really did begin quite early and never looked back.

Coming to Jake’s personal experiences and relationships, it actually appears as if he prefers to keep them well away from the limelight so as to avoid any negative energy toward them, considering his rather public standing. This means he has kept details regarding his upbringing, siblings, parents, and even educational qualifications mostly to himself, meaning we unfortunately have no way of discerning anything else concrete either.

Jake Cerveny’s Profession

“Personally,” Jake candidly conceded in the original production at one point, “I’ve been doing this as long as I can remember” — by “this,” he’s obviously referring to car work, fabrication, metal work, as well as welding. It thus comes as no surprise that he has openly dabbled in construction, furniture making, custom house pieces in terms of doors, stairs, staircases, or railings, and other creative design avenues over the years too.

“[Brian Reich and I] have been doing high-end car restorations with Nick [Smith] for a few years,” Jake said in the 2023-filmed series before going on to list a few of his incredible past achievements. “Some of the cars I’ve worked on have won ‘Best in Show’ in quite a few car shows,” he revealed. “Others… have featured in very well-known music videos, and a few of them actually ended up in the Petersen Museum.”

However, none of these aspects have ever resulted in Brian’s feet leaving the ground because his incredible support system always helps him remember he’s fortunate to do what he’s passionate about. It’s why he’s also been able to unfailingly own-operate his own local venture, Old Soul Fabrication, which specializes in bead rolling, custom metal fabrication, lettering, metal shaping, pinstriping, plus welding.

Jake Cerveny’s Family

Although it’s unclear whether Jake is romantically involved with somebody at the moment or not, especially since he deliberately chooses to keep such information away from snooping eyes, as indicated above, we do know he’s a proud father. He actually has a 16-year-old son who seems to be following in his father’s as well as grandfather’s footsteps and upholding the now-generational vocation by already being active in the fabrication world by helping out his dad whenever needed. As for this youngster’s name, it’s Drako Cerveny, but details of his or his dad’s relationship with his mother, along with his other interests, passions, and aspirations, are all sadly up in the air as of writing.

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