James Craig: Where is the Alleged Killer Husband Now?

James Craig, a well-respected dentist practicing in Colorado, was known among his friends and colleagues as a dedicated professional and a devoted family man. However, following the death of his wife and mother of their six children, Angela Craig, in March 2023, he was arrested on murder charges. The police alleged they found evidence suggesting he had poisoned his wife. The CBS ’48 Hours’ episode titled ‘Who Poisoned Angela Craig’ delves into his possible motives for this alleged crime and presents the evidence that led to his arrest.

Who is James Craig?

James Toliver Craig had established a satisfying life in Denver, Colorado. Following his marriage to Angela Craig in 1999, he had crafted a nurturing environment for their family of eight, including their six children Toliver, Mira, Annabelle, Cleo, Nora, and Violet. Active within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he served as an elder. Yet, beneath the facade of a contented family, troubles lurked within their midst.

Toni Kofoed, Angela’s sister, has since asserted that Angela had confided in her about James’ alleged struggles with pornography and extramarital affairs over the years. She has also recounted a troubling incident Angela had disclosed to her. According to Toni, her sister had claimed that James had once drugged her. When Angela confronted him about it, he purportedly confessed he’d drugged her as part of a suicide attempt and did not want her to intervene. He allegedly stated that he had drugged Angela to ensure his suicide plan would succeed.

There were also rumors circulating about James’ struggles in his dental practice. Allegedly, he had lost over $2,000 in gambling in Las Vegas, Nevada, and his dental office was facing financial difficulties. The family was reportedly experiencing significant financial strain. James’ business partner, Ryan Redfearn, disclosed that James had even filed for bankruptcy in 2021 and was contemplating filing for bankruptcy again in 2023. It has actually been reported he was $2 million in debt.

In late February 2023, James attended a dental conference where he met Dr. Karin Cain, an orthodontist from Texas. They bonded quickly, especially as Cain was going through a divorce after three decades of marriage. He reportedly confided in her that he was facing marital struggles too, falsely claiming he and Angela were separated and not living together. They further found common ground in their shared commitment to their children and their faith, leading to the blossoming of a relationship. They continued to stay in touch after the conference and their interactions became increasingly frequent, sparking a budding romance.

Image Credit: Texas Association of Orthodontists/YouTube

However, authorities allege that during this time, James was meticulously planning Angela’s demise. He had reportedly begun formulating his plan in late February 2023. As per records, officials have found incriminating details in his internet search history, which reportedly contained numerous inquiries about poisoning techniques and effective poisons for causing death. According to investigators, James placed an online order for arsenic on February 27 and also researched the lethal dosage of arsenic needed to kill a person.

Angela returned home from a trip to Utah on March 5, and according to police allegations, James had received the arsenic poison delivery by March 4. On March 6, she complained to him that she felt drugged, prompting them to seek medical attention at Parker Adventist Hospital. She was thus treated for symptoms of dizziness and weakness, but the core cause of it could not be determined. Subsequently, Angela returned to the hospital on March 9, where she remained for six days. She returned to the hospital once more on March 15 and passed away on March 18.

During Angela’s hospitalizations, James was reportedly exchanging text messages with friends, even making light-hearted remarks about his wife’s illness. Authorities also allege that on March 9, he had ordered another set of poison to his office, and when a coworker became alarmed, they reported it to the police. After Angela had died, he had then told her family that he did not want to get a post-mortem done. He apparently stated that since the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her when she was alive, there was no reason to probe her when she was dead.

However, her family disagreed, leading to the discovery she’d been poisoned to death. It’s also imperative to note that while Angela was in and out of the hospital, James had extended an invitation to Cain to visit him in Colorado, and the two even went on a date together. Despite James mentioning Angela’s illness to Cain, she claimed he didn’t seem sincere or worried about it, and she was taken aback by his lack of shock upon learning of his wife’s passing. On March 19, he was arrested on charges of Angela’s murder.

James Craig is Awaiting Trial

In October 2023, James Craig entered a plea of not guilty to the charges of fatally poisoning his wife. Scheduled for his first day of trial on August 8, 2024, the 45-year-old remains in custody under the Aurora Police Department. Acquaintances and friends of James have since expressed profound shock at his arrest, struggling to reconcile the allegations with their image of him. Prosecutors maintain that James murdered his wife, Angela Craig, purportedly driven by a $3 million insurance payout and his burgeoning romantic involvement with Dr. Karin Cain, which commenced around three weeks before the alleged planning of Angela’s murder. Charges have yet to be proven, so James remains hopeful for the upcoming trial.

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