Karin Cain: James Craig’s Girlfriend is Now Building a Better Life

Image Credit: Texas Association of Orthodontists/YouTube

When Angela Craig’s cause of death turned out to be poisoning, it didn’t take long for authorities to connect her husband James’ purchase of potassium cyanide and other suspicious activities to her demise. CBS’ ’48 Hours: Who Poisoned Angela Craig?’ thus focuses heavily on this entire matter and the couple’s equation with each other, as well as how the investigation led the police to James. However, what the episode doesn’t cover much are the intricate details about James’ extramarital affair with Karin Cain, who turned out to be an important individual in the case.

Karin Cain is an Established Orthodontist

Although Karin Forsman Cain was born in Pennsylvania, she moved to the Houston area of Texas along with her family at the age of three in 1976. There, she spent her formative years, growing and learning the ways of life, before earning her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University. She married Jason Cain and welcomed two children into the world with him — Karson in 2002 and Kooper in 2004. In the same year that Kooper was born, the Cains moved to Marble Falls. Finding her calling in orthodontics, she worked hard to become an expert in the field. In fact, Karin has since achieved Board Certification from The American Board of Orthodontists.

Image Credit: Karin Forsman Cain/Facebook

Having been married for almost three decades, Karin and her husband filed for divorce in November 2022. But her life turned upside down after she met James Craig at a dentist conference in early 2023. The two formed a connection and they began talking on a regular basis, due to their common values. As per Karin, he had told her he was in the middle of his divorce proceedings as well, which turned out to be a lie. As this duo got closer to each other, the former even visited him in Colorado around the time his wife Angela Craig was in the hospital. They had two dinners together, during which James was not looking anxious or stressed, given the situation of his wife’s health.

According to Karin in a candid interview with ABC News, “If I had known what was true, I would not have been with this person.” Moreover, she cleared up that she and James had not consummated the relationship. As per her claims, they did not plan for their future together so she believed that his motive to kill his wife was not because of her. When he got arrested for it, the investigators interrogated her as well, asking her various questions about their affair. She asserted she was not aware of his marital status at the time and that she would never jump into a relationship with a married person. She also extended her sympathy, saying, “I can’t even imagine the loss of a family member and then to consider that it could be at the hands of someone that had been in the family for 25 years.”

Where is Karin Cain Now?

Dr. Karin K. Cain was taken aback upon learning the truth about James Craig’s whole other life, comprising his late wife Angela and their six kids. The fact she was in the middle of her own divorce proceedings at the time, with her husband of about three decades Jason, affected her a lot too. There have been no public updates regarding her personal life since, yet we do know she continues to thrive as an orthodontist who has been practicing since 2004.

As per Karin’s website, she is the sole orthodontic specialist in the counties of Burnet and Llano and utilizes her knowledge and skills to spread smiles among adults as well as children. As far as her kids are concerned, Karson is 22 years old, while Kooper is around 20. These two obtained their schooling from Faith Academy of Marble Falls in Texas. From what we can tell, Karin has moved on from the ordeal and is focused on creating a better future for herself and her kids.

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