James Doxtator Murder: How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Him?

Image Credit: Wiltstilt13/Find A Grave

Netflix’s ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story‘ details how serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered about 17 men and boys between 1978 to 1991. While he committed his first murder in 1978, he claimed that he had gotten hold of his tendencies until Steven Tuomi’s murder on November 20, 1987, rekindled his evil desires.

Just two months after murdering Tuomi, Jeffrey came across 14-year-old James Doxtator, who had reportedly run away from home. Even though the serial killer was living with his grandmother, Catherine, at that time, he ended up killing the teenager and dismembering his body. If you are intrigued by this crime and want to discover how Jeffrey trapped and murdered James, we have you covered.

The Tragic End of James Doxtator

James “Jamie” Doxtator was 14 years old at the time of his murder and resided in Wisconsin. While some reports claim that he earned a living by working as a prostitute, other sources state that he ran away from home just two days before his death. Nevertheless, the teenager’s mother described him as a lively and cheerful person who was very outgoing and loved making new friends. James was of Native American descent and dreamed of building a brighter future for himself. Sadly, the teenager had no idea about the tragedy that would ultimately snatch away his life.

Image Credit: Find A Grave/Blancky

After murdering Steven Walter Tuomi on November 20, 1987, Jeffrey Dahmer was looking for new victims and came across James on January 18, 1988. Reports state that the teenager had an abusive father, who made his life quite difficult. Hence, even though his mother greatly loved him, James decided to leave home and run away. On January 16, 1988, he left his residence unannounced and went to West Allis, Wisconsin.

Subsequently, Jeffrey met the 14-year-old at a bus stop outside the 219 Club, a gay bar in West Allis. Once the two talked, the former decided to bring the teen back to his grandmother’s house and asked him to pose for a nude photoshoot. He even offered James $50, which finally convinced him to accompany the serial killer to his residence.

After taking James back to Catherine’s house, Jeffrey indulged in sexual activities with the 14-year-old yet soon decided that he needed to gain ultimate control. Thus, the serial killer ended up drugging James, but since that wasn’t enough, the teenager was strangled to death. However, since Jeffrey’s grandmother lived in the same house, disposing of the body wasn’t easy, and the victim’s body was kept in the basement for about a week.

Once the coast was clear, Jeffrey proceeded to dismember the teenager’s body before dissolving the flesh in acid. Furthermore, like his other victims, James’ bones were crushed and disposed of. Incidentally, once the boy’s mother noticed her son was missing, she informed the police and cooperated with the authorities. Nonetheless, James’ remains were never found, and he was identified as one of Jeffrey’s victims after the serial killer’s arrest in July 1991.

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