James and Joey Bone: 007 Road to a Million Contestants Are Now Focusing on Their Work

Undeterred by the life-altering risks that adventures put forth, eighteen contestants decide to give it their all in ‘007: Road to a Million.’ The game reality show chronicles the worldwide journey nine pairs of participants take in a feat to win the whopping cash prize of £1,000,000. With nothing to guide them except the directions of the controller, Brian Cox, the individuals try to overcome the countless hurdles that lay in their path. Given the whirlwind journey brothers James and Joey Bone take on the show, fans have continued to wonder about their latest whereabouts.

James and Joey’s 007: Road to a Million Journey

Alighting boats, cars, trucks, and even helicopters, James and Joey Bone had hoped to win the gigantic cash prize in the series. From the get-go, the duo decided to entrust each other and navigate the journey closely. Even when the undulated structures of the Scottish Highlands proved to be difficult, the duo didn’t give up. Whether it was brainstorming and deducing the correct answers for the prize or navigating foreign lands, the brothers from South London managed to keep their pace throughout the challenge.

Even when they had to deal with the length of an enormous snake or traverse the waters of Italy to get to a clue, James and Joey decided to lend their collective knowledge and come out victorious each round. However, their journey wasn’t so easy. Given the tight deadlines and foreign spaces, James and Joey were close to elimination several times. Even though the duo was on the cusp of failing many a time, they didn’t relent in the face of challenges and managed to soldier through the competition.

In the final feat, the brothers jetted off to the Swiss Alps and gained a shot at winning £1,000,000. However, their aspirations were crushed when they couldn’t get to the final quiz. Nonetheless, the brothers walked away from the series, elated. They believed that their journey on the show was no less than admirable. Having gone through the riparian forests of the Amazon to the difficult trek of the Scottish Highlands, James and Joey believed that their hard work had reflected in their performance.

Where are James and Joey Now?

Since creating an impressionable feat on the adventure game show, James and Joey have continued to scale their abilities personally and professionally. Despite a six-year gap between the brothers, James and Joey continue to nurture their relationship and grow as individuals, too. While Joey has returned to running his electric business, James has been busy elsewhere. In the past, Joey used to work as a cab driver despite receiving training as an electrician. Not just this, the television personality had also appeared in ‘Common Knowledge,’ a game show.

He is now focused on growing his clientele and focusing on his family. He continues to enjoy life with his wife, Hayley, and his two daughters. The reality star attended the ‘007: Road to Mission’ premiere with his significant other by his side. James, the younger member of the Bone household, has been working as a Copywriter. While making copies occupies his time during the day, the creative doesn’t limit his abilities to just that. In addition to this, James is also a musician. He recently released his debut album ‘At Night, The City Burns.’ Fans and readers can find his music on his Instagram profile, too.

Besides having a multi-faceted career, James enjoys sharing time with his girlfriend, Delphine Delacroix. The reality star shared appreciation for his girlfriend, a virtual assistant, in a post on Instagram. He wrote, “… I want to thank my douce chicaroo for being such a bloomin great gf!…Thanks for being such a cool cat and great support all of the time!.”

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