Jamie and Thailah From Ex on the Beach: Everything We Know

MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach Couples’ is a spin off of the original reality dating show ‘Ex on the Beach.’ Here, we follow the journey of six couples on the verge of getting engaged, but there’s a catch! One of their exes will join the show as they go through intense challenges. Eventually, the couple decides to either split up or be each other’s happily ever after. Jamie Dragon and Thailah T are one such couple that raised many eyebrows on the show due to their contentious issues and intriguing journey. Still, the two are quite interesting as individuals. For viewers who want to learn more about these new faces, here’s everything we know so far.

Everything We Know About Thailah T

Thailah Joseph, who goes by her stage name, Thailah T, is a professional DJ from London, the UK. In 2017, she enrolled at the London Metropolitan University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. In August 2016, she joined Weston Homes Plc as a Management Trainee, and a year after that, she was their Trainee Architectural Designer. In 2019, she was promoted to Assistant Architectural Designer, and after almost spending four years in a company, she decided it was time to switch things up.

As per reports, she shortly worked at Vibesolate FM as a DJ and Producer as well. But in the next 1.5 years, she acquired new skills and shifted her career path, and joined Sound Revel in July 2021 as their Digital Marketing Creator and Website Administrator. After spending seven months in the company, she finally came into her element and became a director of The Hub Events, a house music event that she co-founded with Jamie.

On a podcast, Thailah revealed that she started doing shows as a DJ at the age of 16 with her cousin. She loved Dubstep but was swooned by the world of House Music. Her SoundCloud is often buzzing with raw and energetic tracks from her live performances. Thailah has showcased her skills alongside artists such as Roger Sanchez, Basement Jaxx, Martin Ikin, Ellie Cocks, Honey Dijon, and Jax Jones. She is a confident and bold woman who likes to flirt occasionally.

Thailah and Jamie met at a party, and the sparks flew immediately. They got into a relationship, but after a turn of events, Jamie proposed the idea of polyamory, and Thailah rolled with it. She was previously in a relationship with Charlie Low, who doesn’t believe that his ex is willing to be in an open relationship. He doubts Jamie as a potential partner and feels like he is stringing Thailah along. Needless to say, he said he joined the show to reveal Jamie’s true colors and protect his ex-girlfriend.

Everything We Know About Jamie Dragon

Jamie Dragon, also known as J Dragon, is a DJ from the sprawling city of London in the United Kingdom. He is also a promoter, photographer, and the CEO of The Hub Events, which Thailah and he launched on July 31, 2021. He also seems to be a fitness enthusiast with a chiseled and maintained body.

Jamie has an 11-year-old son, and he is proud of being an active and present father. On his son’s 10th birthday, he wrote a heartfelt caption expressing his love for his little one. It read: “The best thing I ever did was stick by my son’s side 100%! I could write a long paragraph about how much I love and care for him but there’s no need, actions speak louder than words! ❤️❤️❤️” However, Jamie has kept the details of his previous relationships under wraps. He has started anew with Thailah, and he knew she was the one after meeting her.

The couple moved in together, and things were sailing smoothly when Jamie asked for an open relationship. However, his girlfriend’s flirtatious nature has made him jealous and insecure to a certain extent after suggesting consensual non-monogamy himself. Jamie expects his girlfriend to prove her loyalty and show him that she only has eyes for him. Meanwhile, her ex, Charlie, is hoping to get back with her and sabotage their relationship every chance he gets. We hope things end well for the business partners and couple and that they truly end up with the love of their lives.

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