Jang Jun-Hyuk: The Physical: 100 Star is Now a Professional Wrestler

Among the various reasons that the world has come to love Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100,’ the talent showcased by the cast is a prominent one. After all, few can help but be in awe of the skills showcased by the people who possess such strength and determination. This includes Jang Jun-Hyuk, whose performance in season 2 endeared him to many, even though the end of his on-screen journey was not to his preference. His young age, combined with his sheer dedication, has intrigued many of the viewers.

Jang Jun-Hyuk Gave It His All on the Show

When Jang Jun-Hyuk entered the second iteration of the Netflix show, many were surprised by his young age as well as his prowess as a wrestler. After completing Quest 0, all the participants were paired up for the death matches of Quest 1. For Jang Jun-Hyuk, the opponent was none other than Kang Seung-Min. The latter is known for his fitness content on social media and is well respected as someone who has a doctorate in engineering.

Jang Jun-Hyuk and Jung Ji-Hyun

As such, when Jang ended up defeating Kang, many people found themselves watching him with a keen eye. For Quest 2, he ended up being selected as the fifth member of Jung Ji-Hyun and was ready to prove his mettle. His other teammates included Seo Young-Woo, Ha Moo-Kyoung, and Kim Ji-Eun. The quest saw the five facing the team led by Lee Jae-Yoon and his teammates – Jo Sung-Bin, Lee Hyun-Jeong, Justin Harvey, and Joo Min-Kyung.

However, the competition between the two teams was an intense one as each party tried their level best to haul as many weights through the maze as possible and claim a majority of capture points located at three points within the maze. Despite their best efforts, Jang’s team ended up losing the challenge. This meant that while Lee Jae-Yoon’s team proceeded to the next round, Jang and his teammates had only one shot to ensure their victory in Quest 2.5.

For all the 25 participants who lost in Quest 2, there was a chance to come back into the competition through Quest 2.5. As per the challenge, the players had to lay claim to one of the available pillars in each round of 3 minutes. All those who succeeded in a round were the only ones who could proceed to the next rounds, where the number of pillars would decrease. Fortunately for Jang, he was able to make a place for himself in all the initial three rounds. In the last round, there was only one pillar, and he had to compete against Jung Ji-Hyun for it. However, it was the latter who won this round. Since Jung did not choose Jang to be one of his teammates to be revived, the latter was eliminated from the competition.

Where is Jang Jun-Hyuk Now?

Having entered the show at the age of eighteen, Jang Jun-Hyuk has become a beloved figure for the fans of ‘Physical: 100.’ The reality TV star is a professional wrestler who competes in tournaments at the high school level. His skills are certainly undeniable given that the contestant was able to carve a place for himself in the Top 50 and even came extremely close to rejoining the competition, though the dashing of those dreams disappointed him as well as his many supporters.

In fact, many of Jang’s fans have taken to the internet to lament the fact that he did not win Quest 2.5. Many have even questioned why Jung Ji-Hyun did not choose Jang to be his teammate, given that he was the person who had come so close to defeating him. However, it does not seem like Jung might have regretted the decision too much, given that the team he ended up building was comprised of former team leaders who helped him smoothly sail through Quest 3.

Jang himself seems to prefer to lead a private life and does not seem very active on social media. However, that has hardly stopped the world from voicing out their support for him. Even Jung Ji-Hyun posted a picture of himself with Jang, referring to the younger athlete in an affectionate manner. This seemed to indicate that the dynamic between the two contestants remains amicable, regardless of the results. One can hardly deny that a bright future lies ahead of Jang, given his highly impressive performance in the Netflix series.

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