Kim Min-Su: Where is The Physical 100 Contestant Now?

Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ is a show known for its highly daunting physical tasks that make us appreciate the participants more and more. Often, there are individuals who shine amongst the highly talented crowd, like Kim Min-Su, whom you might better know as Korean Thanos. The bodybuilder appeared in season 2 of the show and was able to impress his co-stars as well as the viewers with his strength and determination. His performance has only added to his popularity and the interest that many have in his ventures.

Kim Min-Su Made a Comeback on the Show

From the time that Kim Min-Su entered the competition, his competitors could not help but look up to him due to the fame that preceded him. The bodybuilder certainly proved his reputation to be well-deserved during his deathmatch in Quest 1 when he had to face Hwang Chan-Seob. The challenge itself was far from easy, with many watching with bated breath. Ultimately, Kim emerged victorious, allowing him entry into the show’s second challenge.

Given his popularity as well as his skills, few were surprised when Kim was chosen as one of the leaders prior to Quest 2. In fact, he was the sixth most popular choice among the 50 participants and had the chance to form his own team. He ended up choosing Chong Te-Se, Jang Sung-Yeop, Eom Dae-Hyun, and Kim Dam-Bi and was eager to see what the next task was. For this particular challenge, he was to compete against Andre Jin’s team.

Unfortunately for Kim, Quest 2 did not pan out in the way he had hoped, and his team ended up losing the challenge. However, not all was lost, as the 25 participants who had lost had one chance to still make a place for themselves in the game. As such, Kim gave Quest 2.5 everything he had. He ended up being in the top 10 in the first round and then in the top 5 in the next round. However, he was not able to claim victory in round 3.


Things changed, though, when Jung Ji-Hyun emerged as the winner of Quest 2.5, and he chose Kim as one of his four teammates with whom he wanted to proceed to Quest 3. Happy with the second chance he had gotten, Kim was quite happy with his new team, which consisted of all the team leaders that had been eliminated in Quest 2. For Quest 3, Kim’s team had to face Team Lee Won-Hee and Team Andre Jin. After four rounds of the challenge, Kim’s team had a total of 10 points, allowing them an assured path to the next Quest.

Kim Min-Su is Now Happily Married

Kim Min-Su is a man of much influence, thanks to his past and present work. He was once a Special Forces Officer and served the South Korean military for five years. Since then, he seems to have developed a strong interest in the world of bodybuilding. In fact, he is proudly affiliated with the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB). In fact, he seems determined to pursue the title of Mr. Olympia, one of the most prestigious titles awarded by IFBB on an international platform.

Additionally, Kim likes sharing bodybuilding and fitness contests on various internet platforms, which has allowed him to become quite famous. In fact, the Netflix star has a staggering following of well over 260K followers on Instagram. His YouTube channel, meanwhile, has more than 112K subscribers. A majority of his contest is focused on fitness routines, though he also often features in videos that are humorous in nature rather than focused on physical prowess. Moreover, he has a clothing brand called Freedom Whatever.

On a more personal note, Kim is quite happily married. His wife, Lee Yun-Na, is also an accomplished bodybuilder affiliated with IFBB. She is presently the founder and owner of the clothing brand known as Hipsters. Similar to her husband, she is also an online content creator, with a YouTube channel with over 5K followers and an Instagram following of well over 166K. Together, the couple enjoys spending time with each other. They had gotten married in November 2022 and have now been enjoying marital bliss for well over a year.

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