Where Are Jay and Allison DeMarcus Now? Are They Still Together?

Netflix’s newest reality series, ‘DeMarcus Family Rules’ is one that they themselves classify as “goofy.” Revolving around Rascal Flatts bassist, Jay DeMarcus, and his beauty queen wife, Allison DeMarcus, the series follows the ups and downs of their marriage and family life as they try to schedule their time around their kids, their careers, and their romantic relationship. The show predominantly sees the couple putting their personality on the front lines and Jay bringing out his comedic chops. It had us invested in them from the get-go, after all, what better way to start a reality series than by some jokes in a therapist’s office.

Jay and Allison DeMarcus’s Journey

The Ohio-born musician used to be the co-founder of a contemporary Christian music group called East to West in the 90s, but when it disbanded in 1997, he went on to become a producer. Eventually, though, he returned to performing and formed another band, Rascal Flatts, through which he found his now-wife. Born Allison Alderson, Allison DeMarcus (Miss Tennessee Teen USA 1994, Miss Tennessee 1999, and Miss Tennessee USA 2002), met Jay for the first time when she got the opportunity to act in a video for his band’s song titled “These Days” in 2002. Fast forward a little while, and the couple is promising each other a forever and tying the knot on May 15, 2004.


In December of 2010, the couple welcomed their first child, Madeline, and two years later, in July 2012, they welcomed Dylan. In the series, they mentioned how different their parenting styles and personalities are, which, we’ll be honest, was completely evident. While Allison is strict, rigid, and likes to have a set of rules in place, Jay is the exact opposite and believes in spontaneity. As time went on in the series, these personality traits were probably their biggest struggle. Jay just wanted his wife to relax and have some fun, but she wanted to be in control of everything. She believed that if she planned and was always organized, nothing could ever go wrong. In the end, though, after some bickering, the couple was able to meet in the middle and have some fun.

Another major aspect of their relationship was how Jay wanted to have another child but Allison didn’t. It was mostly wrapped around innuendos and jokes, but Jay was extremely serious. So much so, that he even had a conversation about it with Madeline and Dylan. However, Allison knew that with his line of work and their age, they wouldn’t be able to take care of another kid. Therefore, she asked him to help around the house and with their kids for some time to make him see the amount of work that would be required. He saw it, he wasn’t happy about it, and he gave up. And now, Jay and Allison DeMarcus are a happy couple, proud to be the parents of two growing kids.


Where Are Jay and Allison DeMarcus Now?

Because of their different styles and different personalities, combined with the fact that they go to see a therapist, an important question that is on everyone’s mind right now is whether or not they are still together. And, let us assure you, they are. Jay and Allison DeMarcus are still blissfully married and probably more in love than ever before. They don’t like to boast about their relationship on social media, but from the way they sometimes looked at each other on the show and the way they post about their family, we do not doubt that they are right for each other in every sense.


We’ve heard opposites attract, we’ve seen them in fictional movies, and we’ve read about them a million times in novels, but Jay and Allison are a real-life proof that they work. Each relationship has its struggles, but because theirs is filled with trust and compassion, they are able to talk to each other honestly, making their bond stronger and stronger with each passing day. Its because they create a perfect balance in each other’s lives that they work.


As for their careers, well, Jay and Allison are still doing what they do best. Jay and his band, Rascal Flatts, just recently released an EP entitled “How They Remember You,” and Allison is still working as the founder and director of Miss Volunteer America Pageant. It’s something that she started in Tennessee, but now, slowly yet surely, it is spreading its wings and expanding to other states as well.



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