Is JB Andreassi From Selling the Hamptons Dating Anyone?

While watching Max’s ‘Selling the Hamptons,’ one cannot help but feel impressed by the skills showcased by its cast members when it comes to their work in the real estate industry. Among those who shine bright even in front of some of the most breathtaking properties you might have ever seen is JB Andreassi. Local to the Hamptons, New York, his understanding of the local market can be matched by few. Additionally, his personal life, especially when it comes to any potential partners, has piqued the interest of many.

JB Andreassi Grew up Loving the Hamptons

Having been born and raised in Southampton, New York, JB Andreassi’s love for the area is certainly understandable. His father, Joseph B Andreassi Jr, was also active in the real estate industry but in the construction department. Such an experience helped him develop a keen interest in what this particular line of work had to offer. “I just grew up around it. I grew up being on bulldozers, I grew up swinging a hammer,” he told The New York Times. “My dad built the library in Southampton back in the late ‘90s; and SYS (Southampton Youth Services), which is a big, 55,000-square-foot athletic facility. He did a lot for the town, for the local community, and he also built homes.”

“When you get a little older, you wonder, ‘Who’s living here? Who’s purchasing this?’ And you learn, ‘Oh, this is a community for some of the most successful people in the world that are lucky enough or successful enough to come and buy a second or third home out here.’ I was always fascinated with that lifestyle because we did not grow up that way,” Andreassi added while talking about his fascination for homes and the stories that they hold.

From 2008 to 2012, Andreassi had been a student at Dartmouth College. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Societal Evolution and Diplomacy in American History. While also playing football and enhancing his business skills through extra-curricular activities. In 2012, he also partook in a four-week certification program at The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth that focused on what one needs to know when entering the world of business.

Andreassi’s work over the years is a testament to his dedication, as he has never shied from working hard. He became a part of the National Hockey League (NHL) in August 2012 as an NHL Event Operations Coordinator, a position he retained until January 2015, when his title was changed to Corporate Marketing Account Executive. However, his time with the NHL came to an end in December 2016 when he became a Sales and Leasing Consultant for Related Companies. He left the organization in June 2018.

November 2018 was an eventful time for Andreassi. Not only did he join Nest Seekers International as a Licensed Real Estate Agent, but he also became one of the Co-Owners of Andreassi Development, a company also owned by his father and his brother, Chase Andreassi. Since 2023, he has also been the Real  Estate Team Lead for Team JB Real Estate. Due to his prominence in the Hamptons real market, Andreassi has been a part of two reality shows set in the area: ‘Million Dollar Beach House’ and ‘Selling the Hamptons.’

JB Andreassi Prefers Privacy For His Love Life

For all intents and purposes, JB Andreassi has not shared much about his love life apart from a few tidbits. During his appearance in season 2 of the show, it became known to the world that he had been in a relationship at the time. The season in question was filmed in the summer of 2022, indicating that Andreassi had certainly not been single at that time. However, the real estate agent has not shared much about the same since.

Andreassi’s recent posts suggest that the reality TV star might either be single or simply prefer to keep that particular aspect of his life away from the public’s eye. No matter the case, his fans continue to root for him day through thick and thin and would undoubtedly be delighted in any development that brings more joy to the Hamptons local. Andreassi remains dedicated to his family and recently celebrated the fact that he is soon to become an uncle since his brother Chase Andreassi and sister-in-law Meaghan Andreassi are expecting a baby.

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