Mia Calabrese: Is the Selling the Hamptons Cast Member Dating Anyone?

Max’s ‘Selling the Hamptons‘ is a fascinating reality show that captivates the viewers not only with its breathtaking but also with the entertaining dynamics that exist between the various cast members. The presence of Mia Calabrese in the series remains a joyful one as she expertly demonstrates to the world just how her skills have helped her become a respected name in the industry. Whether it’s her ability to cater to her clients or charm her co-workers, Mia is always ready to do what is needed. Naturally, she has gained many fans over the years who like remaining updated about her personal life.

Mia Calabrese Left the Hospitality Industry to be a Realtor

An alumna of St John’s University, Mia Calabrese has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government. From September 2012 to September 2018, she served as a Concierge Liaison for Box NYC. As for writing, she is affiliated with Nest Seekers International as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. Based in New York, Mia’s listings are spread across the world and allow her clients to learn about some of the best properties available in the areas they are interested in.

One of Mia’s biggest supporters in her bid for success is apparently her brother, whom she appreciated very much. In fact, in an interview with Resident Magazine, she talked about him admiringly while conversing about her entering the real estate industry and leaving the world of hospitality. “My brother’s belief in my potential was the catalyst for this career shift. His encouragement to explore real estate, seeing potential in me for a new adventure I hadn’t acknowledged, led to my first high-end rental deal shortly after licensing, affirming this path as one of my best decisions, she confessed.

Indeed, Mia is a huge believer in the fact that her communication skills, as well as her experience in the hospitality industry, are major factors that have contributed to her rise as a realtor. “In transitioning to real estate from hospitality, the interpersonal skills and understanding of consumer behavior I developed were invaluable. These skills allowed me to connect with clients, understand their needs, and navigate the luxury real estate market effectively,” she explained. “My experience in hospitality, focusing on service and satisfaction, translated seamlessly into real estate, where these qualities are equally important in building relationships and closing deals.”

Thanks to her beauty, grace, and charm, with an obvious inclusion of her undeniable professionalism, Mia has gained a huge fanbase who is ever eager to follow her life adventures. Presently, she has over 40K Instagram followers, who are always happy to see Mia’s accomplishments, no matter their nature. In return, the M<Ax star enjoys sharing pictures and videos of her trips to places around the world. Some of her more recent travels include visiting Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

However, for the most part, Mia spends the majority of her time in the New York metropolitan area. As a realtor from the region, she remains on top of her game and even shares pictures of available properties on her social media handles. During the summer season, she focuses on the market of the Hamptons, New York, a decision that has helped her land such  major role in ‘Selling the Hamptons.’ Though juggling a television show and client needs is not always easy, she gives her best to ensure that neither one of her priorities is neglected.

Mia Calabrese Has Yet to Share an Update

When it comes to the details of her romantic life, Mia Calabrese prefers to keep a low profile. Despite being in the public eye, she has not shared many details regarding her partners, both past and present. It certainly does not seem like the star is dating anyone at the moment. If the truth is actually the opposite, then it seems evident that the reality TV star has decided not to go public with the news at present. No matter the case, her fans remain ever supportive of her ventures.

Indeed, Mia remains quite focused on building her career as a realtor and has been able to make some very high-priced sales. For viewers of the Max show, it remains evident just how well-cultivated her network of connections is and that she is never shy about pulling all the stops when it comes to impressing potential buyers. Her friendly nature has also helped her to be on good terms with her fellow realtors, which has certainly helped her on more occasions than one.

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