Peggy Zabakolas: Selling the Hamptons Star Remains Private About Her Love Life

Among the various real estate agents featured in Max’s ‘Selling the Hamptons,’ Peggy Zabakolas has certainly left an impact on the viewers with her determination to be the best in the industry. Her professional skills when it comes to the sales of various properties are certainly undeniable and have made the world quite eager to learn more about her. People are especially curious about her personal life, especially whether or not the reality TV star is in a relationship.

Peggy Zabakolas is a Proud New Yorker

Given the passion with which Peggy is often seen working in the real estate market of the Hamptons, New York, her love for the state of New York comes as no surprise to her fans. The reality TV star is actually a proud alumna of New York Law School and Touro University Jacob D Fuchsberg Law Center (AKA Touro Law Center), both of which are located in New York.  From 2004 to 2008, she was also a student at Hofstra University.

Interestingly, Peggy’s involvement in the world of law is a long one, having started to work as a PAD Intern for Ivy Asset Management in 2001, though she left the position in 2002. From July 2011 to August 2011, she also served as the Legal Intern for MF Global. Additionally, she was a part of The Price Law Firm from 2011 to 2012. However, since March 2012, she has been a Licensed Sales Associate for Nest Seekers International.

Thanks to her position as a relator, Peggy has been a part of two more reality shows apart from ‘Selling the Hamptons,’ including ‘Million Dollar Beach House’ and ‘Million Dollar Listing New York.’ The former is a Netflix project, while the latter series was available on Bravo. No matter the series, though, Peggy never hesitated to showcase to the world just why she is so accomplished as a realtor.

Peggy Zabakolas’ Relationship With Russell Lyddane Overcame Many Ups and Downs

It was in October 2018 that Peggy Zabakolas decided to go on a date with Russell Lyddane, though the decision had seemingly not been an easy one. “4 years ago today, I stepped completely out of my comfort zone and agreed to meet up with you,” the realtor wrote in an Instagram post dated October 2022. “3 days later, I had emergency surgery. You drove 2 hours and showed up at my door to help take care of me. We’ve had our ups and downs, but one thing that has always remained constant was that we are always there for each other. I love you.”

For over four years that Peggy had been in a romantic relationship with Russell, it did seem like the couple enjoyed spending as much time together as possible. From going on hikes together to attending basketball games at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, the two enjoyed creating special memories with each other. The two even visited England and Greece in September 2022, which highlighted just how much they enjoyed each other’s company despite the ups and downs that they might have to face during their time together.

Peggy Zabakolas’s Love Life Remains a Mystery

As of writing, Peggy Zabakolas does not seem to be in a relationship, though she has not shared any updates regarding the same with the public. In the past, Peggy has admitted that society’s expectations regarding what age a woman should enter motherhood have made her nervous. However, it seems like the reality TV star remains ever-focused on building her career. While there does not seem to be a definite reason why she ended her relationship with Russell Lyddane, all signs indicate that they might not be together anymore.

For one thing, Peggy and Russell do not follow each other on Instagram, something that does seem to point towards a separation between the two. That said, it is interesting to see that Peggy had not removed all posts featuring Russell from her Instagram feed, indicating that she might be at peace with how things went for them despite the apparent break-up. While Peggy’s love for her family, especially those close to her, is undeniable, it does not seem like she has any children of her own.

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