Where Is Jeff Stryker Now?

In the documentary film, ‘Circus of Books,’ director Rachel Mason takes its viewers through the life of her parents, who owned a bookstore named, Circus of Books, that served as a space to socialize and consume gay porn. The store, which started as a business to make money, became much more than that in the years that followed. The store was a famous cruising spot for gay men, along with being one of the largest distributors of gay porn.

The couple who saw success come their way in this business, expanded its base to incorporate the making and selling of their own pornographic films that were often produced by Matt Sterling. The key to success in almost all these films was its lead actor, Jeff Stryker.

Who Is Jeff Stryker?

Jeff Stryker is a famous porn star who has starred in several adult films. The actor is originally from Springfield in Illinois. His real name is Charles Casper Peyton. He earned his name Jeff Stryker as a result of his work in the industry. Stryker, who studied in a military school, worked both as a stripper and delivery guy for balloon art. His entry into gay adult movies occurred when a local photographer sent his pictures to a film director in California.

In his film career, Stryker has starred in straight, bisexual and gay films. However, he is extremely famous for his gay porn movies. He has worked in Italian and German films like ‘After Death’ and ‘Can I be Your Bratwurst Please?’ He has won several awards and accolades for his acting. He was a predominant face in adult movies at a particular time. So much so that a dildo was made using the exact measurements of his penis. The sex toy had a notable customer base and was analyzed even in academic papers.

Stryker went ahead to release his own country music and featured these songs in one of his films. He has had his fair share of legal battles concerning the branding and merchandising of the sex toys based on him without receiving adequate compensation. Stryker used to perform in a stage show called ‘Hard Time’. The show has gone on several tours across different major cities.

Where Is Jeff Stryker Now?

Jeff Stryker has countless fan accounts on social media. He is literally worshipped as an icon who set himself apart during a time; many were not in the adult film business like today. The former actor participates in several LGBT parades and events. His fans, especially the generation who grew up watching him, documents his presence is almost any major event.

His appearance in the documentary is monumental, especially since he gives more depth to the gay culture of the 1980s and the years that followed. It was watching him that many felt normalized in their desires and sexuality. His jovial persona is hard to miss in the few minutes we see him in the documentary. The material culture of porn distribution and his testimonial of having worked with the Masons, who, in his opinion, were ‘genuine people’ he could do business with is vital. This because he shares the dark side of the pornographic industry, which, according to him, could be very shady and legally dangerous. 

He posts several videos on Facebook. In one of the most recent videos, he gives a safety message on staying safe during the time of Coronavirus by wearing masks and gloves. In another video, he shares a recipe for a drink he believes is good for one’s health. He is quite updated and stays active on his page to share his thoughts and opinions on various matters. He continues to live in California. 

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