Is Jerry Seinfeld Married? Does He Have Kids?

Born April 29, 1954, Jerome Allen Seinfeld or better known as Jerry Seinfeld, is a renowned stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer. Even though he was born in Brooklyn, New York to Kálmán and Betty Seinfeld, he and his sister Carolyn Liebling grew up in Massapequa, New York. ‘The Seinfeld’ star has always had a deep love for his home state, so even after his long-standing successful career in the entertainment industry, he still lives there with his family.

Jerry Seinfeld Wife

Jerry Seinfeld never really wanted to get married, but when at the age of 44, he met Jessica Sklar at the Reebok Sports Club in 1998, things started to change. Although Jessica was already married and had just recently returned from her honeymoon in Italy with a theater producer by the name of Eric Nederlander, she began dating Jerry. She broke up with Eric, and after just four months of being married, he filed for divorce.

Jerry and Jessica’s relationship moved forward quite quickly. In November of 1999, Jerry proposed to her, and a month later, on December 25, 1999, the couple got married. Because of their controversial start to the relationship, Jessica had to clarify things. In an article in Vogue in 2004, she said: “I met Jerry at the end of what was the most difficult period of my life. I had just made a painful decision to dissolve a five-year relationship that began when I was 21 and culminated in a brief marriage. Jerry was neither the cause nor the effect of the breakup, but his friendship gave me strength and resilience at a time of desperate need, and it has formed the basis for my happiness in the years that have followed.”

Even Jerry has been heard saying that “If it wasn’t for Jess and the kids, I’d really blow my brains out. Jessica saved my life. She gave me something to care about.” On The Oprah Winfrey Show, he explained this statement and even clarified how he knew that Jessica was the one for him. “If you can feel comfortable when someone comes into your house… I don’t know what that is, but this is someone I want to spend my life with,” he said.

While Jerry is still working as a comedian and actor, Jessica is an author and philanthropist. She has released four cookbooks and is the founder of a New York City-based charitable organization by the name of GOOD+ Foundation. Plus, from her Instagram profile, she seems like a funny woman too. For example, recently she uploaded the following picture and blasted Jerry in front of all her followers by captioning it: “This man yells instead of talks. He cannot talk in a normal voice. He cannot perform on stage anymore so he just YELLS YELLS YELLS. ALL. DAY.”

In an interview, Jerry also revealed that the secret to their happy marriage is Jessica’s humor and their ability to laugh at everything. “From the day I met her, that was really our connection,” he said. “We always have fun and we laugh and she’s got a great sense of humor. She’s very quick and sarcastic and all the qualities that I like. She’s very sharp. She catches all the wrongness.”

Jerry Seinfeld Kids

Jerry and Jessica have three kids together. Their daughter Sascha, born in 2000, is the eldest, followed by their two sons Julian Kal in 2003 and Shepherd Kellen in 2005. According to Jesica’s Instagram, Sascha is attending Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and will graduate in 2023.

Just before she left for college in August 2019, Jessica posted the family photo below with the caption: “New chapter begins for Sascha. Off to college! ⚡️ So many warm wishes and goobye’s sent our way from friends and family this morning before we left. Thank you! We feel tremendous gratitude for each and all. Ps – Julian is getting a haircut today.”

During an interview with Jerry was asked how fatherhood had changed him, to which he replied: “(It’s changed) almost everything I do — trying to stay healthy, how I use my time and plan my schedule, I think: “If this takes me away from them, it better be very important.” I don’t travel that much when I do stand-up. I only go for the night or two nights at most, not for weeks at a time. That’s why I’m less likely to do another movie.”

Even though there are the occasional social media posts about their children, the Seinfelds are very private about their family life. Truthfully, the only time you’ll see them make public appearances together will be at the GOOD+ Foundations annual gala.

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