Jessica Hayes From Tough as Nails: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Matt Barnes/CBS

Tough as Nails,’ as the name suggests, is a competition TV series created by Phil Keoghan and Louise Keoghan that follows a group of hard-working individuals who are put through a series of challenging tasks based on real-life scenarios that one faces regularly. By testing each contestant’s endurance, strength, mental toughness, agility, and resilience, the show names the worthy winner of the competition and the grand cash prize by the end of each season. One of the participants whose capability to deal with different challenges impressed many fans is Jessica Hayes. If she happens to be one of your favorites, you must be curious to learn more about her. Well, here are all the necessary details you might want to know!

Jessica Hayes’ Age, Family, and Background

Born in October in the late 1980s, Jessica Olson Hayes was aged 35 when she appeared as one of the 12 contestants in ‘Tough as Nails.’ Currently residing in Cedar Park, Texas, she is an Army Veteran who served some time in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Over some time and thorough experience, she has gained prolific entrepreneurship skills and a keen eye for detail, which goes a long way professionally. Moreover, Jessica is known to be a tough cookie who is not afraid of getting her hands dirty when it comes to her work.

By taking out time from her busy schedule, she regularly finds time to work out, something which she has enjoyed doing since her time in the army. It was Jessica’s late grandfather Paul Olson, a war veteran, who kickstarted the Olson family’s desire to join the military service and even inspired her to do so. She also shares a close-knitted bond with her father, Greg Olson, as she still spends time with him quite frequently. In fact, she reportedly claims that her relentless and driven nature comes from his father. Moreover, Jessica has a loving sister named Shawna Olson Echebelem, who is a wife, mother, teacher, athlete, and “fitness nerd.”

Jessica Hayes’ Profession

As of writing, Jessica Hayes is an entrepreneur and works as a Remodeling Contractor at Fine Line Remodeling in Austin, Texas. Apart from specializing in kitchens and other residential projects, the hardworking professional also handles the business side of the company and ensures to keep all the projects within a specific budget.

Jessica also remains available on the job site as she enjoys working on tiles and lighting, and makes sure that the best materials are selected, the best deals are availed, and the best designing is done. Being a good team player, she doesn’t only get things done on time but also shares a good professional relationship with her coworkers.

Jessica Hayes’ Husband and Kids

After dating for about a decade or so and practically growing up together with Jason Hayes, Jessica tied the knot with him in September 2016. As of writing, the couple is into their seventh year of marriage and shares a beautiful family together since they are parents to two adorable kids and three loving dogs. The company she works at, that is, Fine Line Remodeling, is actually run by both of them, as they work together on almost every single project. The proud Army Veteran doesn’t shy away from showing affection to her husband on social media.

On her fifth wedding anniversary, she shared a post dedicated to him and their marriage, writing, “…Jason…you keep me on my toes and always teach me everything about life and work. You always support me and my plans. I teach you patience and customer service. 😉 This life we have not be possible without you and your smarts, your hard work and dedication. Life is a gift and you’re the best present. To my greatest love… YOU DA MAN!.” We wish the couple nothing but happiness and prosperity for their family in the coming future!

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