Jessica Markowski: Where is the SERHANT Real Estate Agent Now?

Image Credit: Winnie Au/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ showcases the workings of SERHANT, a real estate firm based in the Big Apple and owned by Ryan Serhant. The real estate-centric docuseries puts the focus on the owner as well as several of his top employees at the company, detailing their interpersonal and professional drama. One of the agents who was in the middle of most of the drama on the show was Jessica Markowski, an ambitious real estate agent many viewers find interesting.

Jessica Markowski Has Her Parents to Thank For Making a Life in the Big Apple

Brought into the world by Polish immigrants, Jessica Markowski was born and raised in the neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York. Her parents immigrated from Poland to the Big Apple with nothing but a dream and determination to make it in the United States, which allowed Jessica to have the life she has at present. Since she is a native New Yorker who grew up in the company of her sister Vika, with whom she shares a close-knit bond, she has a sense of belonging and community associated with the city.

Jessica Markowski’s Impressive Content Landed Her a Job at SERHANT

Following her graduation from college, January-born Jessica began working for Screenshop, a company founded by Kim Kardashian, in February 2017. There, she was employed as Head of Communication. She further grew professionally by working with clients in the lifestyle, fashion, and beauty industries. After the termination of her stint at Screenshop, she worked as an independent content creator and created content for a real estate agency.

When her content began attracting many potential buyers for the listed properties, she was given a full-time job at SERHANT in April 2022. Until then, Jessica was also working as a model for Wilhelmina International ever since December 2015. Ever since she joined SERHANT, Jessica Markowski has been able to grow within the firm by connecting buyers and sellers through her massive social media following. Known for her professionalism and hard work, she doesn’t hesitate to put in extra effort if that is what her job demands.

Jessica Often Travels For Work or Pleasure

Being an avid traveler, Jessica loves to explore the Big Apple and the rest of the world when she is not busy hosting panels and closing millions of dollars worth of property deals for SERHANT. For the 2023 Labor Day, she visited Nantucket in Massachusetts with Romeo and her fiancé David. In the same month, the real estate agent also traversed the streets of London and Paris as she was seen at Buckingham Palace.

Jessica has also traveled to various other places across the world, including Beaver Creek Mountain, Quintana Roo, where she attended a wedding, Sea Island in Georgia, the native land of her parents, Poland, California, Miami in Florida, and Aspen in Colorado. In March 2024, she went on a trip to Puerto Rico and stayed at Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, to recharge from her fast-paced and busy life. In early June, Jessica Markowski went to Napa Wine Valley in California, where she supposedly did some wine tasting.

Jessica is Also Thriving As an Influencer and Model

Not only is Jessica a real estate specialist who helps buyers and sellers navigate complex markets in and around the city, but a host, influencer, actress, and public figure as well. Moreover, she still works as an independent model. As an influencer, she regularly markets the drinks produced by Tru on her social media handles, letting her followers know about the discounts and offers. She also pushes the marketing for a skincare brand called Koa Life. Recently, Jessica received recognition for her work when she was named Influencer of the Year in Real Estate.

In an interview with The Daily Front Row, she shared her feelings about the same. She stated, “I received a Social Media Influencer of the Year Award from the RED Awards. I received the award due to my track record of selling real estate listings via social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok.” In March 2024, she got the unique opportunity to speak to the youth at the Polish Consulate about her journey as a first-generation immigrant in the States. She shared her feelings on social media, writing, “It was a humbling reminder of the power of sharing our stories and inspiring the next generation.”

Jessica is a Happily Engaged Woman

On the personal front, Jessica is grateful to have the love of her family and friends. In late May 2023, she brought home a furry little friend named Romeo, whom she dotes upon. Having said that, it is the constant support of her long-time partner, David Weisburd, that helps her sail through the ups and downs of life. After dating for quite a while, he finally decided to take their relationship to the next level by popping the question to the real estate agent in December 2023 during their trip to France.

Although they haven’t officially spilled the beans on their wedding plans, it seems like their bond is strengthening with each passing day. Thus, chasing sunsets and sunrises with Romeo and David, Jessica is leading the life she has always envisioned and plans to continue growing as a real estate agent at SERHANT.

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