Jessica Stahle: Former Garden Member is Now a Musician

In Max’s ‘The Garden: Commune or Cult,’ we are introduced to a variety of people who hope to join the commune known as The Garden. While some of the prospective members seemed inclined to the idea in order to hone their skills and because of their genuine belief in the view that society is bound to collapse very soon, Jessica Stahle’s reasons for being a part of the group were undoubtedly different. However, it did not stop her from giving it her all in her own way. Now, the world is eager to see what she has been up to these days.

Who is Jessica Stahle?

A 2020 graduate of James Madison University, Jessica Stahle moved to Los Angeles, California, in June 2021. Her reasons for joining the commune known as The Garden were explained by her in the Max series in a quite interesting manner. “I’m not pro-cult, but I’m not anti-cult because cults aren’t bad, necessarily,” she stated while talking about her perception of cults and communes. With a passion for fashion and makeup, she seemed enthusiastic about how she wanted to look while staying in the commune, believing that being minimal might be the way to go.

“I’ve seen some pretty interesting styles that they wear,” Jessica shared while talking about how the members of The Garden dress. “They’re definitely going for more of a bohemian grunge look. Especially with the whole, like, not washing your hair type of thing. I don’t know. They just all look very kind of disheveled a little bit. Not in a bad way but rustic rather.” She expressed hope that joining The Garden would help her better deal with her social media addiction. Jessica also admitted that she knew no survival skills, and if something were to happen, she did not want to be caught off-guard. Hence, she embarked on a quest to learn the necessary skills to survive on her own.

Going into the commune, Jessica seemed taken aback by the lifestyle that she now had to conform to. That said, she remained strong and charged forward to throw herself into learning everything possible and ensure that the existing members of the commune would see her dedication as a good reason to allow her to fully enter the group after ten days. During this time, she became close with Julia Heim and was indeed inducted as a new member. However, when she learned more about what had happened to Narayah Santi, she slowly started to question her place in the commune.

Where is Jessica Stahle Now?

Having previously lived in the Washington DC-Baltimore Area, Jessica Stahle seems to be enjoying her life on the West Coast in Los Angeles. In April 2019, she became a Venue Sales Intern for Live Nation Entertainment but seems to have left the position behind. With a bachelor’s degree in music, Jessica seems dedicated to making a name for herself within the entertainment industry or social media. She certainly has made an impact on TikTok, as evidenced by her over 8K followers.

That said, Jessica Stahle has also made a name for herself as a musician. Her first-ever song, “Cold Hearted Killer,” was released on December 31, 2022, and she seems quite proud of the project. She has also opened up on TikTok about her time on the Max show and how everything went down for her. She has also expressed interest in partaking in more television projects and has not said no to taking up further challenges related to survival skills.

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