Jessimae Peluso: Surviving Paradise Host’s Romantic Life is a Secret

Image Credit: Jessimae Peluso/Instagram

For twelve contestants, the only thing that’s standing between them and $200,000 is the friendships they make and the people they trust in Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise.’ Hosted by comedienne and podcaster Jessimae Peluso, the series features the highs and lows of a high-stakes competition. As Peluso walks them through the secrets and missions that decide their victory, several intense themes emerge. Given her propensity for adding more suspense into the mix, fans have grown curious and want to know more about the reality star’s personal life. So, if you’re also wondering more about her relationships, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Jessimae Peluso’s Previous Relationships

Jessimae grew up in the multicultural and intersectional metropolis of New York with her parents and sister. Having kickstarted her career in stand-up comedy in 2001, she has continued to scale her abilities as an entertainer and solidify her presence in media and entertainment. While her career has continued to evolve, Jessimae has kept the details of relationships under wraps. Barring her openness when it comes to her parents and sister, Emily, she likes to keep decidedly quiet on matters of personal affairs.

While Jessimae has never revealed her dating history, she has been open about the tragedy that has knocked on her door more than once. In late October 2018, the television personality ended up losing her father to medical complications, a year after he was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Not too later, she suffered loss once again when her mother passed away in 2020. She still holds memories of her parents, whom she refers to as her best friends, close in her heart.

On the personal front, Jessimae has liked to keep her romantic life away from the spotlight. However, time and again, she has shared little glimpses of her personal life with fans. In a ‘Just For Laughs’ festival in 2019, she talked about how she was dating a farmer. Keeping in tune with her jovial personality, she funnily conjured a scenario of what dating would be like if people met on a farmer’s only website. She exclaimed, “The dates would be early, probably like at 4 am, right?”

Once again, in 2020, she shared a few details about her boyfriend in a Twitter post, where her boyfriend mistakenly purchased the wrong paper towels. However, she didn’t clarify if her beau was the same farmer she’d mentioned before. Lastly, in a post made on Valentine’s Day in 2021, Jessimae specified that there was no one in the picture.

Is Jessimae Peluso Dating Anyone? Is She Single?

Since sharing a few snippets of her past relationships, Jessimae has remained quiet about her relationship status. However, she continues to make fans laugh with her endless material on the topic. In a stand-up in New Jersey, the media personality was speaking to someone in the audience who referred to himself as ‘Slightly Married.’ Funnily, she even suggested working on a Netflix special of the same name. In contrast, the details of her personal life are clad in secrecy, as always. So, as far as we can tell, she is supposedly single! However, we are happy to report that Jessimae continues to evolve as a professional.

Besides creating new milestones in stand-up comedy, Jessimae continues to further other aspects of her career, too. In addition to starring on Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise,’ she also has a podcast dedicated to candid conversations and her undying crush on John Stamos. Not only does she break down the hilarious situations that warp people unexpectedly in their day-to-day lives, but she also uncovers road stories, heartbreaks, and relationships.

Since her father’s passing, Jessimae has devoted time and effort to raising awareness about Alzheimer’s. She hopes to create more dialogue on one of the most crucial brain diseases that affects thousands of people and can start showing symptoms well before old age. To this end, she even conducted an Alzheimer’s benefit with special guests on her 41st birthday. So, even though the television personality likes to keep her personal life out of the limelight, it stands to reason that several great milestones still await her in the future!

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