Tattoo Redo’s Jessimae Peluso: Everything We Know

Those individuals who don’t particularly like tattoos have often stated that body art should have deeper meanings that will forever hold true because of its permanence. Now, although we believe that mere, aesthetic designs and even spur-of-the-moment ideas aren’t bad to put on the blank canvas of our skin, Netflix’s ‘Tattoo Redo’ acknowledges that it is, in fact, always safer to give body ink a second thought. With friends choosing the cover-ups for the poor tattoos and Jessimae Peluso’s comedic timing, this series is pure entertainment. So, let’s find out more about its host, shall we?

Jessimae Peluso’s Family and Background

Jessica Mae Peluso, who prefers to go by Jessimae, was born and brought up alongside a sister named Emily Peluso (now Emily DiMarco) in the beautiful city of Syracuse, New York. A Henninger High School graduate (Class of 2000), Jessimae moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 2001 to begin her stand-up comedy career with ImprovBoston. Eventually, though, Jessimae returned to her home state. As for her parents, her caring father, Joseph Peluso, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2017. Unfortunately, he lost his life due to medical complications, almost a year later, in late October 2018.

Tragedy knocked on Jessimae’s door again when she lost her mother in 2020. Nancy Finley, a retired and notable educator, passed away on November 13, 2020, at the age of 72. While announcing her demise a week later, Jessimae wrote, in part, “I didn’t get to hold my mother’s hands when she took her last breath. But I know in my heart she knows I was with her. I know she felt my love… if your loved ones are still alive, hold their hands, say I love you as often as possible. My mother was my rock, my marshall’s shopping partner, my best friend, and my safe place.”

Jessimae Peluso’s Profession

As we’ve already mentioned above, Jessimae Peluso started her career at the ImprovBoston theater in Cambridge. Yet, she came back and settled in Brooklyn for a while to perform at venues like Broadway Comedy Club. In early 2013, Jessimae made her television debut with MTV’s ‘Girl Code’ but decided to part ways with the show after just two seasons. Following this, she continued to expand her career in the industry and maintained a close friendship with cast member Carly Aquilino. Thus, today, the duo tours the nation together to spread joy with their humor.

Apart from touring with Carly, Jessimae performs solo stand-up shows as well. She is an active Alzheimer’s Disease Advocate and serves as the host for two podcasts: ‘Sharp Tongue’ and ‘Highlarious.’ You might also recognize her as Holly from ‘The Opening Act’ (2020) and Cass from ‘Simulife’ (2016). Her other credits include ‘Casual Sex’ (2010) and ‘Hollywood Pop Up Comedy Club’ (2018).

Jessimae Peluso’s Boyfriend

Although Jessimae Peluso has been a part of the entertainment industry for years, she prefers to keep her personal life away from the spotlight. The stand-up comedian hasn’t made a single romantic relationship public, and whenever she has spoken about a partner in the past, it’s always under a comedic or sarcastic light. Therefore, it’s tough to determine her relationship status. Having said that, however, considering how she specified “ex” in her Valentine’s Day post this year, we assume that Jessimae Peluso is happily single.

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