Jo Sung-Bin: Where is the Physical 100 Contestant Now?

For contestants like Jo Sung-Bin, Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ provided a platform to showcase their physical prowess in a highly entertaining way. Sung-Bin himself remained highly motivated throughout the competition, which allowed him to progress quite far into the events of season 2. Given just how determined he was to push himself and his team forward, his exit from the competition was one that left the viewers feeling much respect towards him.

Jo Sung-Bin Gave it His Until the End

Thanks to his status as a well-known Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighter, Jo Sung-Bin had ensured the attention of his fellow participants from the moment he first stepped foot into the competition. He was certainly received with much cheer, and many considered him to be a frontrunner in the competition. He was certainly able to progress easily through the Pre-Quest as well as Quest 1, having defeated his opponent in a deathmatch for the latter in order to proceed to Quest 2.

When the time came for team division for Quest 2, Sung-Bin may not have been chosen as a team leader, but that did not mean that players were not hoping to team up with him. In fact, leader Lee Jae-Yoon did not hesitate to choose him as the first person to join his team. The two were then joined by Lee Hyun-Jeong, Justin Harvey, and Joo Min-Kyung. During Quest 2, the team had to face the group led by Jung Ji-Hyun.

With enough determination, teamwork, and skills, Sung-Bin and his teammates were able to win their task in Quest 2, allowing them entry to Quest 4 without reservations. For this particular challenge, though, they now had to compete against two teams led by Hong Beom-Seok and Kim Dong-Hyun. Over the course of the four tasks in the quest, the teams had to try and win as many as possible.

In a nailbiting end to Quest 4, Sung-Bin was representing his team in the very last round, which had him neck to neck with his competition, with a chance to proceed to the next quest on the line. While Sung-Bin won the challenge with his team, he ended up injuring his leg severely. Hence, when it was revealed that all of the teammates had to race against each other for Quest 5, Sung-Bin felt conflicted.

Despite their respect for him, many of the players could not help but think that Sung-Bin’s led injury would lead him to be the last amongst him to compete in the first round of the race in Quyest 4. However, Sung-Bin was certainly not one to give up easily. he ended up actually securing a fourth place within his team for the quest. While this did mean that he would not be proceeding to the finals, the sheer determination he showcased cemented his place in the show’s history.

Where is Jo Sung-Bin Now?

Part of the 65 kg weight category, Jo Sung-Bin is a name well-known within the MMA industry. He has been part of the industry for almost a decade and has been training for the same for far longer than that, given that he has been practicing MMA since first grade. As such, he has amassed a dedicated fan following, with a majority of them enjoying every single match he has been a part of, no matter the outcome. Given that he has won four championships as of now, Sung-Bin has certainly proved his skills as a fighter. His recent appearance in the Netflix series has also boosted his popularity significantly.

In fact, Sung-Bin presently has about 11K followers on Instagram who cannot help but wish him the best for his journey, no matter the venture he chooses to be a path of. When not fighting in the arena, he can be seen at Sweet Body Life gym, an establishment with which he is quite proudly affiliated. The gym is known for imparting a varied set of skills to its students and helping them thrive in every fight, no matter the opponent.

Sung-Bin also enjoys spending time with those whom he considers friends. His training for his work is certainly a grueling one, which helps him cherish laid-back moments even more, especially in the company of like-minded individuals. He also seems to be on good terms with his teammates from the show, even though they all had to turn against each other for the show’s penultimate round.

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