Physical 100 Season 2: Where Are the Finalists Now?

Among those who took part in the second season of Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100,’ some of them stood out from the rest thanks to their impressive performance. This includes those who were able to reach the penultimate round of the competition and bagged one of the top 3 positions within their team. It was from this pool of contestants that the show’s winner and finalist emerged, and their work was certainly made more impressive thanks to their fellow competitors who challenged them each step of the way. This is perhaps exactly why each and every one of them has emerged as a star among the viewers.

Amotti is a Celebrated Content Creator

Perhaps no one has left as much of an impact on the viewers as Amotti, the player who went on to win season 2 of the Netflix show. Even prior to the show, he had been able to earn many fans thanks to his career as a content creator. The reality TV star is actually quite popular on the internet thanks to his fitness-related content, which highlights his work as a cross-fitter. In fact, he has over 168 YouTube subscribers, while his Instagram fan following exceeds 100K.

Additionally, Amotti has even entered the world of the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB), having participated in an event in November 2023. The season 2 winner admitted that he enjoyed the experience. Affiliated with Sweat on Seoul Gym in Seoul, South Korea, he also works as a trainer for others.

Hong Beom-Seok is Happily Married

The only one to have taken part in the first two installments of the Netflix show, Hong Beom-Seok impressed many by becoming the runner-up of season 2. Proud of his status as a Korean army veteran, he was once also serving the community as a firefighter, though he has since retired. However, he seems to be on good terms with fellow firefighters and is known for speaking up regarding the issues pertaining to them.

In November 2023, Beom-Seok had to go through a frontal cruciate ligament surgery but seems to have recovered well. He is also a proud content creator with a YouTube channel named Tiger Stone and an Instagram following of about 100K. On a more personal note, he is a married man with kids and even cited his family as his primary driving force to make a comeback in the show. His wife is a cooking expert who often shares pictures of her dishes with the world.

Andre Jin Has Impressed Many as a Rugby Sevens Player

Among the four finalists in the competition, Andre Jin Coquillard is a well-respected name in the sports industry. He is a proud Rugby Sevens player and even presented South Korea during the 2020 Olympics. A former student of the Seoul Foreign School, he holds the honor of being the first-ever naturalized foreign person to have represented South Korea in an international rugby event. He also seems to have a close bond with his mother, who was once a fashion model in South Korea.

Justin Harvey is an Honorary Citizen of Seoul

Justin Harvey’s performance in the final round of the competition certainly impressed many. An actor by profession, he was recently seen in ‘The Childe’ and is affiliated with And Marq Management. He is proud of his South African roots and knows various languages, including Korean, Afrikaans, English, and just a bit of Dutch. Having always been open about his appreciation for Korean food and culture, he has also shared his desire to be a lead in a Korean movie.

Moreover, Justin Harvey has the honor of being the first ever person from South Africa to gain honorary citizenship in Seoul. This was given to him by Mayor Oh Se Hoon in December 2021, though he himself claimed that the occasion was not a happy one for him as “I had to accept the award on account of saving someone attempting suicide.”

Jung Ji-Hyun Now Has His Own Gym

Having represented South Korea in events like the Olympic Games, the World Championships, and the Asian Championships, Jung Ji-Hyun is a former wrestler whom you cannot help but respect. The reality TV star has various gold medals to his name, including one from the 2004 Athens Olympics. Though he may be in a lower-weight class, he was certainly not an easy competitor to beat. In November 2023, he proudly announced the opening of his gym called Gym of Wrestler. The establishment has been visited by many of his co-stars, like Lee Won-Hee and Kim Min-Su/Thanos.

Park Woo-Jin is Now a Part of a New Coast Guard Team

A former member of South Korea’s Navy, Park Woo-Jin is proud of his affiliation with Ship Salvage Unit 62nd. Now a part of South Korea’s Coast Guard Rescue Team, he ensures his fitness so as to execute his duties efficiently, given the critical nature of his job. On January 31, 2024, he said goodbye to the Pohang Rescue Team, having worked alongside them since September 30, 2020. Now, he is working for a different unit, but he remains on good terms with his former teammates. He is also quite happily in a relationship, with his girlfriend being a prominent presence on his social media.

Joo Min-Kyung is an International Arm Wrestler

A man of undeniable talent, Joo Min-Kyung is an arm wrestler who has represented South Korea at international events. In fact, In October 2023, he was the runner in the Right Arm Wrestling category (95 kg) at the World Armwrestling Championship. He also bagged the third position in the Left Arm Wrestling Category for the weight class of 95 kg. More recently, he won an international event in Japan in February 2024. In fact, the athlete now has his own arm wrestling gym called JMK Armwrestling Studio.

Gibson Kim is a Proud Father of Two

A major in the US Army, Gibson Kim’s performance in the Netflix series was nothing short of admirable. For the most part, Gibson is a family man who adores spending time with his family. He is quite happily married to his wife, Savanna Kim, and has two children: Oliver and Rowan Kim. The family of four is quite active on social media and even has a collective YouTube page called The Team Kimchi. Having turned 40 in February 2024, Gibson is also quite dedicated to maintaining his physique and serving the US Armed Forces to the best of his capabilities.

Kim Jee-Hyuk is Now Set to Be Married

Having overcome many obstacles during his time on the Netflix show, Kim Jee-Hyuk is certainly someone that fans were happy to support through his on-screen journey. The talented rower has bagged medals at various events and also seems to be a skilled cyclist. More than anything, he seems to be looking forward to his marriage to his partner Kim Ji-Yeon. The latter is a highly accomplished model and will be marrying Jee-Hyuk on April 27, 2024. Ji-Yeon is a highly accomplished model with qualifications that are sure to leave anyone in awe of her. Together, the two call themselves The KimJJi Couple.

Power Who Yami is a Talented Cosplayer

When Power Who Yami entered the Netflix show, he was determined to make sure that no one should underestimate him because of his role as a cosplayer. In fact, if there is anyone who might make you believe that the physique of your favorite anime characters might not be unrealistic, it is him. His favorite character to portray seems to be the beloved Roronoa Zoro from ‘One Piece,’ even nailing down the character’s three-sword grip. The anime fan is also in a relationship with a fellow cosplayer named Ara.

Lee Jae-Yoon is a Beloved Actor

Having been chosen as one of the team leaders in the Netflix series, Lee Jae-Yoon is certainly not a name that the fans of the show will easily forget. His major goal for coming on the show was to showcase that acting is far from the only skill he is talented in. The now 39-year-old is a renowned actor and model who has been seen in projects like ‘My Love By My Side,’ ‘Heartless City,’ and ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo.’ In December 2023, his movie, ‘12.12: The Day,’ was also released to the public. With a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, no one can deny his dedication to his physique. He also seems to enjoy spending time with his adorable dog.

Kang Cheong-Myeong is a Proud Coast Guard

Kang Cheong-Myeong is yet another member of the South Korean Coast Guard who created waves through the competition. Though he is not very active on social media, his interest in physical activities of all forms is quite obvious to see. From rock climbing to running, there are a variety of activities that the reality TV star has found enjoyment in. Additionally, he works as a Trainer and is quite passionate about his physical fitness.

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