Amotti: Where is the Physcial 100 Season 2 Winner Now?

Netflix’s ‘Physcial: 100‘ is a true test for many when it comes to judging one’s stamina and endurance. Among the various contestants who participated in season 2, Amotti emerged as one of the most popular participants. His fanbase was already quite large before he appeared on the show, and he went on to appeal to even more of the viewers thanks to his determination, strength, and personality. Given all that he showcased during his time in the show, his victory was celebrated by many in the audience.

Amotti’s Path to Victory in the Show Was Far From Simple

From the moment that he stepped foot in the show, Amotti was hailed as one of the frontrunners thanks to his reputation in the world of fitness. His performance in Pre-Quest/Quest 0 was impressive, allowing him to bag the third position. Soon, in the Quest 1 deathmatch, he faced off against Lee Kyu-Ho and won the game, allowing him to make his way to Quest 2. For this particular challenge, each contestant was asked to pick someone they would like to team up with.

Based on the votes cast, the ten most popular were given the role of a leader of their own team. Amotti himself was the third most favored contestant and hence led Team 3. His teammates included Kim Jee-Hyuk, Kim Do-Hyeon, Kang Young-Seo, and Kim Ki-Hyuk. The challenge for the round was to navigate a maze and skew the balance in their favor in at least two of the three capture zones. Unfortunately, they had to go up against Kim Dong-Hyun’s team for this round, leading to the elimination of Amotti’s team.

However, Amotti’s time on the show was not finished. In Quest 2.5, the recently eliminated 25 contestants were given a chance to regain their position in the competition. The winner of this particular task was Jung Ji-Hyun, who now had the chance to revive four other players and form a new team of his own for the next challenge. The team crafted by Jung was labeled the “Avengers” and contained all the former five team leaders: Amotti, Lee Jang-Kun, Kim Jee-Hyuk, and Kim Min-Su/Thanos.

The new team that Amotti was a part of was certainly an impressive one. Thanks to their teamwork, they were all able to easily dominate Quest 3 when they had to complete various sets of tasks while competing against the teams led by Lee Won-Hee and Andre Jin. However, this would soon prove to be a double-edged sword as Quest 4 instructed all the teammates to compete against each other, with only one being able to proceed to the finals.

Faced with a frankly intimidating set of opponents, Amotti gave the penultimate quest everything he had. Slowly but surely, his teammates were eliminated one by one until he was able to claim a position in the finals alongside Hong Beom-Seok, Justin Harvey, and Andre Jin. The Final Quest consisted of three rounds. The first was where the players had to counterbalance their own torso from a rope so that it would not fall to the ground. This particular round led to Justin’s exit from the show.

In the second round of the quest, the remaining three finalists had to do squats every time they heard a whistle. The squats were to be done in various sets, with every set adding more to the weight being carried by the competitors. With Andre ultimately deciding to bow out of the round after going through three grueling sets, the final game was to be played between Amotti and Hong Beom-Seok. They had to push the same pole in different directions to reach the same point where they had to tip over a post.

The person who would be able to top the post two times first was set to be declared the winner. In this, Beom-Seok actually succeeded first in tipping over the post. However, when the next time arrived, Amotti was able to discover a tip that guaranteed his victory the following two times. Instead of simply using his strength to push the pole in the forward direction, he also decided to put his weight on top so that his competitor’s side was lifted up, making his task difficult. This clever strategy allowed him to conclude the game fast and lay claim to the title of winner.

Amotti is Now a Content Creator

For many viewers of ‘Physical: 100,’ Amotti was a name they knew well. A cross-fitter by profession and passion, he often makes fitness content for the internet, which has earned him much fame. As of writing, his Instagram following is approximately 100K, while his YouTube channel boasts a subscriber count of well over 166K. Even prior to his participation in the Netflix show, he had been close friends with contestants from season 1, like Yun Sung-bin.

More recently, Amotti has poured much of his efforts into bodybuilding. In November 2023, he even took part in an International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB) event. He certainly seems to have enjoyed the experience and thanked Kim Young-Kyu for his support for the same. When not working hard, Amotti also works as a trainer at Sweat on Seoul Gym in Seoul, South Korea, and has helped many in their fitness journey. He is also known for enjoying his time with his friends, often posting vlogs of the same on his YouTube channel.

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