Jocelyn Chao and Victor Limary: All We Know About the Amazing Race Couple

Image Credit: CBS

A barrage of chases and challenges take center stage in CBS’ ‘The Amazing Race.’ The reality television show features thirteen teams going head to head against each other to win the season’s title and walk away with the coveted prize. With high stakes and difficult challenges, the contestants find themselves overcoming several obstacles. The series has continued to garner acclaim since its inception in 2001. The 35th iteration of the show features Jocelyn Chao and Victor Limary, a married couple. Naturally, fans have been curious to know more about them.

Jocelyn Chao and Victor Limary, the Albuquerque Duo Met During College

Growing up with intersectional influences, Jocelyn and Victor embraced several experiences in their youth. Having first crossed paths with each other at the University of Texas, the duo consistently grew from thereon. At 49, both Jocelyn and Victor have accrued a myriad of experiences throughout their lives, which have culminated in their appearance on ‘The Amazing Race.’ Hoping to channel the spirit and knowledge that they’ve amassed over the years, the duo decided to take on the ultimate globetrotting challenge. Based in Albuquerque, Jocelyn and Victor make up one of the thirteen teams to compete in the franchise’s latest season.

Jocelyn Chao and Victor Limary’s Profession

Having met at a school dance, Jocelyn and Victor quickly realized that their future lay together. Ultimately, the couple decided to kickstart their store and contribute to their success. Jocelyn and Victor work at the Talin Market World Food Fare on Louisiana Boulevard. The Talin Market was first established in 1978 and is known to bring its customers authentic and high-quality ingredients from around the world.

The couple manages the Alberquque store that is home to New Mexico’s largest international food grocer. With a wide range of products that offer more than 100,000 varieties, Jocelyn and Victor continue to operate a business of a monumental scale. While their Alberquerque store is known for its assortment of products, it also operates independently as an online store.

Not just this, local restaurants and food trucks also work with the company to order bulk produce, canned goods, and sauces. Besides this, the couple also has an Instagram account dedicated to promoting the latest additions to their products. From showcasing the latest produce and fast food to displaying unique additions, the couple uses their social media platform to exemplify their products further.

Jocelyn Chao and Victor Limary Enjoy Married Life With Their Kids

It wasn’t long before Jocelyn Chao and Victor Limary met each other at a school dance that they realized their true feelings for one another. Subsequently, the reality stars decided to take the plunge and tie the knot. Since then, Jocelyn and Victor have consistently grown as a couple and as individuals. Not just this, the duo also share the parental duties of their children and enjoy different aspects of their domestic lives. While their participation in ‘The Amazing Race’ is a culmination of their explorative and creative acumen, the couple would’ve never applied to the reality show if it weren’t for their children.

Jocelyn and Victor admitted to their long association with the series. Incidentally, the couple has been enthralled by the series since its inception in 2001. Not just this, the couple revealed on the show that their love for ‘The Amazing Race’ preludes the birth of their children as well. Naturally, when Jocelyn and Victor were encouraged by their kids to take the plunge and apply for the season, the duo did not take long to ponder. Eventually, they managed to become one of the teams on the show. So, even though their business keeps them largely busy, the couple still share an inquisitive curiosity and love exploring new places. As such, we continue to await all the professional and personal milestones that lie ahead in their future!

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